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Are you ready to expand your cannabis business in this fast-paced industry? Attend a cannabis expo! Topping the list of the nation’s leading business-to-business cannabis conferences in 2022 is CannaCon. Our goal is grow the cannabis industry by educating cannabis businesses owners on all things that relate to cannabis and CBD. We are the best of the best cannabis events 2022 has to offer! Our cannabis trade shows feature a large exhibition hall with cannabis businesses from around the country and seminars delivered by leading industry experts. It’s time to gain exposure and meet the industry’s movers and shakers. Grow the industry with us at a CannaCon 2022!

CannaCon Oklahoma City

The cannabis industry has been booming in Oklahoma ever since the legalization of medical cannabis. According to the 2021 MJBizFactbook, sales via licensed dispensaries were projected to total up to $1.1 billion in 2021, an increase of almost 25% from 2020. This is your sign to get in on the action!

CannaCon tops the list of cannabis events 2022 by providing an engaging environment to connect with like-minded industry thought leaders, entrepreneurs, experts, investors, consumers and more. Gain access to the next generation of cannabis products and technology while also learning about trends that are influencing the cannabis marketplace. CannaCon is dedicated to creating and maintaining partnerships within the emerging cannabis industry.

The seminar lineup In Oklahoma City is lit covering relevant cannabis topics like cultivation, processing, legal, retail, marketing, business and more. Chris Violas, CEO of BLAZE, is leading a discussion on “How Cannabis Businesses Can Prepare to Scale for Continuous Growth.” LuvBuds President Brett Harris is presenting “The Changing Expectations of Dispensary Consumers.” If you are interested in extraction, you won’t want to miss “Picking the right equipment the first time” with Andrew Yoon, CEO/founder of Xtractor Depot. And everyone can learn something from The Pot Brothers at Law. Check out the full list of CannaCon OKC 2022 seminars.

CannaCon Detroit

CannaCan is proud to have been Detroit’s first notable cannabis business expo in 2018, so much so we hosting another CannaCon Detroit in 2019, and we keeping coming back! CannaCon is honored to help grow the midwest cannabis industry one event at a time.

Attend a cannabis expo in Detroit to network with like-minded thought leaders building an exciting, new industry. CannaCon is is a great resource for professional guidance in the cannabis industry. CannaCon 2022 is a one-stop shop for the latest innovations in cultivation supplies, genetics, legal advice, retail displays, financial trends, extraction science and technology, marketing, branding and much more.

Attend CannaCon Midwest in Detroit to ensure your business is part of a distinguished circle of industry professionals who are growing the cannabis industry with us. Whether you are a newcomer or an industry pro, join the circle of leaders gathering together to pave the way.

CannaCon Chicago

Illinois became the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana effective Jan. 1, 2020, and the industry has been breaking sales records ever since. 2022 is the year to attend CannaCon Chicago. As the most influential B2B cannabis conference, CannaCon provides the perfect opportunity to meet with entrepreneurs, distributors, equipment specialists and farmers.

Be prepared for the challenges of working in the cannabis business from experienced professionals who have seen it all. And while you’re in the Windy City, take advantage of this hotspot known for industries and culture. If you’re looking for cannabis conferences in 2022 in the midwest, join us for CannaCon Midwest in Chicago.

CannaCon Denver

Recreational cannabis has been legal in Colorado since 2014. That year, Colorado cannabis retailers sold $386 million of medical and $313 million of recreational cannabis. Last year, the state saw a 3% increase in adult-use cannabis business licenses in Colorado and an 8% decrease in medical licenses. Application fees for cultivation, manufacturer and retail are currently $4,500 nonrefundable.

The CannaCon mission is to provide a venue for in the heart of the Centennial State for cannabis investors, businesses, investors, and community partners to showcase the industry’s products, experts and new ideas. CannaCon cultivates strong business values within the cannabis industry through B2B events and education. Attend a cannabis expo in Denver! Register for CannaCon West today!

CannaCon Richmond

Last year Virginia became the first state in the South to legalize adult-use cannabis. The Virginia cannabis legalization bill prioritizes social equity, public health and public safety in a three-year process to create a regulatory framework. Legal sales to adults 21 and older are expected to begin Jan. 1, 2024. This is a green opportunity to get involved!

CannaCon Richmond will provide an interactive cannabis event in 2022, uniting entrepreneurs, experts, consumers and newcomers to grow this market. Get access to the next generation of cannabis technology and consumer products while also discovering what trends will influence the new market in 2024.

CannaCon 2022

When you’re planning your list of cannabis conferences in 2022 to attend, make sure to include a CannaCon near you. Check out some firsthand experiences from fantastic professionals within the cannabis space. If you are a cannabis business, investor or entrepreneur looking to be a part of the action, stop searching “cannabis events 2022” and sign up to attend CannaCon!

Learn more about becoming an exhibitor, or if you’re not quite ready for that, register to attend a CannaCon 2022. Read the latest cannabis industry news to stay on top of the most recent legalization developments. And while you’re here, sign up below for our newsletter to get ticket information, event updates, new show announcements and more.

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