Save Money and Time, Increase Quality: An intelligently designed extraction process is the answer for today’s extraction business

extraction process

There are a few different technologies to extract your hemp or cannabis, and a multitude of ways to set
up each process. It can get overwhelming fast. With a multitude of companies seeming to care only
about the sale, and not about providing a solution for customer needs, it is incredibly important to do
your research and/or hire an experienced consultant to help. Once you’ve committed to a facility design
and extraction process, making changes becomes exponentially more expensive.
Thinking through your process is an easy way to set your business up for success. If done well, you will
save time, space, and money while creating a better, more desirable product. Everyone’s needs are
different but below are some blanket suggestions to point you in the right direction.

  • Dry your Biomass: It might be old news, but for most extraction methods you need to dry your
    hemp and dry it correctly. As the saying goes: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of
    cure”. That means don’t just guess its dry enough. To know for sure, you’ll need to test it.
    Extracting with wet biomass will require you to reproof your ethanol more frequently, while
    possibly having to add a liquid/liquid separation skid to remove impurities. Save time, money
    and space – correctly dried biomass will help ensure all three.
  • Extract cold: This is an easy one. If you extract cold from the beginning, you can minimize
    predistillation steps. Fewer steps reduce operating expenses. Bonus: Extracting from cold
    biomass using cold ethanol promotes high purity and quality of the oil extracted.
  • Filter early: Save your pumps, save the mess. Waiting until later in the process is just going to
    make your life more difficult. It’s harder on your pumps and buying a new pump every 3 months
    is going to increase your operating expenses.
  • Devol, Degas and Decarb in one step: Transferring between kegs to roto-vaps not only spends
    valuable time but is an increased potential for spills and accidents. Pumping your crude oil
    directly into a decarb unit like Pinnacle’s Dual Stage skips a step and keeps you moving.

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