What to Expect at CannaCon Chicago 2022

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Chicago is a hotbed of the cannabis world. Its population rank as the third largest city in the nation makes it a lightning rod for exciting new companies, opportunities and the now-popular Chicago weed events. CannaCon Chicago cannabis conference is returning to the Donald E Stephens Convention Center this month to bring the business of cannabis together in one place for two days! Get the latest cannabis industry news in Illinois and its biggest metropolis and plan your CannaCon Chicago weed convention experience right here right now!

In the month of July, Illinois retailers sold $135,658,291 million worth of purely recreational cannabis (excludes medicinal sales). This is the largest monthly sales total of the year and is the second biggest month since sales originally launched, per the Illinois Department of Finance and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). Dispensaries sold 3,251,062 cannabis products — roughly $92 million worth was sold to in-state residents, while $44 million was procured by out-of-state visitors.

These funds have funneled back into the community via dispersal to the tune of $146.2 million to local governments. Gov. JB Pritzker recently said in a statement:

“Illinois has done more to put justice and equity at the forefront of this industry than any other state in the nation and has worked to ensure that communities hurt by the war on drugs have had the opportunity to participate. The $1.5 billion in sales of adult-use cannabis in Illinois translates into significant tax revenue with a portion of every dollar spent being reinvested in communities that have suffered for decades.”

Additionally, the state has issued $113.5 million in grants through its Criminal Justice Information Authority’s Restore, Reinvest, and Renew (R3) Program. Those funds go toward programs helping with child poverty, unemployment, mass incarceration and gun violence, the report says.

To the credit of officials, the need for more businesses to serve patrons has been recognized. In late July, Illinois administrators issued 149 conditional adult-use dispensary licenses to social-equity applicants.

Of the lottery-selected businesses, 41% are majority Black-owned, 7% are majority White-owned and 4% are majority Latino-owned, while 38% of awardees did not disclose owner race. The next step for these businesses is to select a physical storefront location and obtain the full Adult Use Dispensing Organization License within 180 days.

Mario Treto Jr., secretary of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, said the licenses: “continue to lay the groundwork for a cannabis industry more diverse and equitable than any other in the country. The release of these licenses means a transformation of the retail side of Illinois’ cannabis industry, creating more opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds to reap the benefits of legalization as employees and ancillary service providers.”

Chicago’s own Vic Mensa initiated the state’s first Black-owned cannabis brand, 93 Boyz. A successful musician and activist with solid name recognition, Mensa is looking to utilize the new brand as a way to lift up others. One example of action is to send books to those who are incarcerated.

“I’ve seen the immense transformative potential and power of literature for incarcerated people,” Mensa said.

In conjunction with the nonprofit Books Before Bars, 93 Boyz will dedicate a portion of profits to sending a range of books to prison libraries throughout the Land of Lincoln. The brand is also partnered with SaveMoneySaveLife, a Chicago-based, Native and Black led nonprofit advocating for sustainable change.

CannaCon Chicago Weed Events

CannaCon is gearing up to create the ultimate place in Illinois for those invested, involved or interested in this electrifying market. Carefully curated Chicago weed events are the best exposure to the newest technology, the most beneficial connections, and the exclusive insight of the industry as it is today.

Chicago Cannabis Conference for Education

If your goal is education:

  1. Register to attend both days of CannaCon Chicago
  2. Review the full CannaCon Chicago 2022 seminar schedule
  3. Bring a notepad, pen and business cards or other way to trade info
  4. Get ready to learn, grow and connect!

Some of the intriguing speaker topics at CannaCon Chicago 2022 include:

  • “Refining the Extraction Process”
  • “Best Practices for Securing, Automating and Managing Your Cash Handling”
  • “Cannabis Trends for New Licensees,” specifically for the state of Illinois

Chicago Weed Convention for Business

If your goal is to source cannabis products and services for your business:

  1. Register to attend CannaCon Chicago.
  2. Pro tip: If you can only attend one day, grab an Expo & Seminar ticket and review the seminar schedule to make time for the most useful seminar to your goals.
  3. Check out the complete list of exhibitors at CannaCon Chicago 2022
  4. Find the exhibitors you want to meet with the CannaCon Chicago floor plan
  5. Get ready to learn, grow and connect!

Some of the amazing CannaCon Chicago 2022 exhibitors include:

  • Futurola
  • Lift and Grow
  • Efinity
  • The Humboldt Seed Co.
  • Shenzhen Guanke Technologies
  • Black Mamba Safety Products
  • Munch Machine
  • TouchTunes Music Corp
  • Wicked Garden Consulting

…and so many more! Coming up August 26-27, this is the Chicago cannabis conference to end all Chicago cannabis conferences.

Large and small companies alike within the cannabis industry trust CannaCon as the nation’s leading business-to-business cannabis conference. Our goal is to grow the cannabis industry by educating cannabis business owners on all things related to cannabis and CBD. CannaCon trade shows feature a large exhibition hall with exhibitors from around the country as well as seminars delivered by industry experts. Everyone is welcome to learn, network and expand their cannabis universe!

Purchase CannaCon Chicago tickets today!

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