The Pot Brothers Go Virtual & Remind Us of The Gift Of Silence When Dealing with Law Enforcement

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We’re super excited to chat more with Marc D. Wasserman, Esq., half of the dynamic law duo known as “The Pot Brothers” and recent seminar speaker at CannaCon’s first virtual conference, held in response to the global pandemic, COVID-19.

Marc explains what it’s like as “two old, white, Jewish men” lawyers and activists in the cannabis space and further expounds on the importance of knowing what can and does happen during routine traffic stops.

Advocates for citizens to just, yes, “SHUT THE FUCK UP™” when talking to police officers, The Pot Brothers share more on the why behind joining and their appearances in the legal, literally, cannabis industry.

We also get to hear more about the communities The Pot Brothers serve, their commitment to herbalism, exciting new virtual and cinematic Pot Brothers appearances coming up, and yes, even their thoughts on how white privilege can benefit their clients.

CC: Can you describe your experience as presenters for the CannaCon’s first virtual conference?

MW: It was certainly different than in-person, pre-COVID life, but we were able to adapt easily once the pandemic hit. One major difference was being able to medicate while giving the seminar! We’ve always wanted to! At seminars we have attended in the past, it just was not allowed. Now, from the comfort of our offices or home, we can medicate while we educate (which is how it should be anyway). We enjoyed virtually connecting with the audience to continue spreading our message.

CC: Can you share more about the genius of THE SCRIPT© and SHUT THE FUCK UP™ (when cops ask questions). Why is it so important? Where did this idea originate?

MW: THE SCRIPT came from building upon many theories, all of which are grounded in silence. Silence is golden, less is more, and the same applies to the philosophy behind THE SCRIPT.

It started with a Law Professor explaining the 5th Amendment and how he told his clients to basically, just SHUT THE FUCK UP! That stuck with me, and as I started my criminal defense career in 1996, I began teaching STFU to clients when cops ask questions.

The Script, however, was created once we infiltrated Instagram back in 2015. We saw a need for citizens to become educated around their constitutional and civil rights when dealing with law enforcement, and a way to interact peacefully while maintaining the integrity of all of your rights, remedies and defenses.

CC: What role has herbalism played in your personal and professional advocacy?

MW: Being cannabis activists, advocates, attorneys and also family men, herbalism has impacted all facets of our lives. Our family (West Coast Cure) has been in the cannabis industry, and our work has protected not only our family but the cannabis community as well.

CC: What got the Pot Brothers into representing cannabis convicted clients in the first place? I read that you wanted to protect your nephew who was in manufacturing, but that was afterward, correct?

MW: In 1996, when Little Brother (Marc) became an attorney, Prop 215 in California was enacted and gave cannabis patients rights to grow, consume and possess cannabis. However, it was still a crime first (as it still is today), and you had to defend yourself by adhering to the Prop 215 rules. Being cannabis patients ourselves we were committed to getting involved and also defending those who would use this wonderful plant. My nephew (Craig’s son, @JCURES) had a green thumb and compassion for patients wanting an alternative to opiates, so we made sure he had a defense when he started operating. A defense he would need several times over ten years having to deal with a multitude of felonies and cases, all of which were DISMISSED (because he SHUT THE FUCK UP) and we got all the medicine back because he was operating properly.

CC: How do you see white privilege affecting your work? Ex., do you think that the Pot Brothers have been able to assist more clients in getting better results because of your own individual privileges? What other ways does race affect the work of Pot Brothers Law?

MW: White privilege affects how we may not reach some people. Because we are two, old, white, Jewish men, some of what we say is dismissed by those feeling our white privilege keeps us from understanding that what we teach will not work. It works for everyone. To understand it works for everyone, you must understand what The Script is used for, and for a better understanding of that, we have listed what The Script is NOT.

It is NOT so you do not get racially profiled.

It is NOT so you do not get a ticket.

It is NOT so you do not get harassed by the police.

It is NOT so you do not get arrested.

It is NOT to ensure that the cops will not beat your ass.

It is NOT to ensure the cops will not kill you.

These are all of the things that can happen at traffic stops.

We cannot prevent that. What we can do and what The Script does is to ensure that you maintain all of your RIGHTS, REMEDIES and DEFENSES should you need them in criminal court for a defense and/or in civil court for a case for violation of your rights.

CC: What can we expect from this dynamic duo post COVID? Any news to share with us, besides the importance of “Shutting The Fuck Up!”?

MW: We are looking forward to the CannaCon appearances in OKC, BOSTON and CHICAGO when life is back to normal (or whatever the new normal is).

The Pot Brothers at Law have been very busy during these crazy times to get our message out on a multitude of platforms. Listen to our Top Rated PODCAST CANNABIS TALK 101 (the first cannabis show to partner with a major media corporation — iHeartMedia) and can be heard on iHeart RadioApp, Apple Podcast or wherever you get your podcasts.

Looking Ahead

For more Pot Brothers appearances, you can also find them on TWITCH for their Live Streaming show, The Shut the Fuck Up Show! Follow their main page on Instagram and tune into IG LIVE EVERY FRIDAY for Shut the Fuck Up Fridays: THE SCRIPT CHALLENGE as we go live with fans and quiz them on The Script. Winners get cash, prizes and education. What’s next for the Pot Brothers appearances? Will it be Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Quibi, etc.? We’d love to see a Pot Brothers at Law REALITY SHOW!

We’re excited to stay up to date with these “old, white, Jewish guys” taking the legal cannabis market on high, quite fashionably, and for the people!

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