Cannabis is Now Legal in Connecticut!

Connecticut cannabis legal

As of July 1st, cannabis is legal in Connecticut. This is a change in the Connecticut cannabis law that previously decriminalized cannabis use and means that adults can begin consuming legal cannabis in Connecticut in the coming years. It has been a long road for the state, but the recent change in the law was validated by the governor who talked about injustice, a need for equality and a commitment to better health prospects for the people of Connecticut. 

A Long Road for Legal Cannabis in Connecticut

Eight years. The debate on Connecticut cannabis has been raging for this entire time and has seen a lot of hangups along the way. While there are many who are clearly supportive of recreational legalization (including Governor Lamont), there were many hurdles they had to overcome. This included those reaching very hard for support against legalized cannabis as well as those who wanted more oversight, the opportunity for smaller municipalities to go against state law and more. While there may still be some kinks for Connecticut to work out when determining legalization at a local level, cannabis is legal at the state level.

What do Cannabis Laws in Connecticut Look Like? 

For adults who are 21 and older in Connecticut, it is legal to have 1.5 ounces on their person at any time and up to 5 ounces in a home or locked in a glovebox. These restrictions are applied across the board for cannabis in different forms. Additionally, by 2023, it should be legal for adults to have up to six cannabis plants in their homes if they are secured. Currently, the same number of plants will not result in a felony, only an infraction. 

Connecticut has cannabis laws that also pertain to underage use, use in public, use while driving and use at state-sponsored areas like beaches and parks. For a full breakdown of the new cannabis law in Connecticut, the state has created a helpful information sheet.

Cannabis and Equality

There have been many discussions pertaining to equality and cannabis. Connecticut puts these issues front and center making equality one of the cornerstones to their cannabis legalization process. Cannabis convictions fall into equality issues and Connecticut immediately addresses these with legalization. Some convictions will be automatically erased depending on different factors – including dates between 2000 and 2015. Additionally, those who were convicted will have the opportunity to petition to have certain cannabis convictions erased.

Economic Opportunities

The Connecticut legal cannabis structure is set up to ensure that taxes are used for targeted communities. The state worked to create plans that will put more money back into the communities that need it the most and that can benefit from the sale of cannabis. Like other states, Connecticut can be expected to have large tax revenue from cannabis sales.

So, when can you start actually buying Connecticut cannabis? 

You’ve got your bowl cleaned out and your brand new lighter ready on your rolling tray. You just have to grab your keys and head out to buy your pot, right? Not so fast. Even though cannabis is finally legal in Connecticut does not mean that you can go out and buy it right away. Like other states that have legalized in the past decade or so, there’s an entire infrastructure that has to go into place before you can pick up your favorite products from a local dispensary. From growing to licensing and all the oversight that comes with it, Connecticut will now have to work toward a place where you can legally buy cannabis products. While things may get slowed down due to this, you can expect to be able to legally purchase products in Connecticut by the end of 2022. We know … that is so far away, but it’ll go fast and, in the meantime, head to one of the nearby recreationally legal states (to consume there, of course). 

Cannabis legalization continues to sweep across the country. While legalization in Connecticut marks another win for recreational cannabis in New England, there’s still a lot of work to do. Stay up to date on the latest information (including any legalization updates) by following along with CannaCon. And, make sure you check out our upcoming cannabis trade shows!


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