Standardized Inventory, Order and Client Management is Essential to Your Long-Term Success


Standardized Inventory, Order and Client Management is Essential to Your Long-Term Success

By:Rob Fess
Apex Trading

One big area of opportunity for cannabis producers is the standardization of their inventory,
order and client management. Often times you’ll see cultivators and extractors sending their
inventory or receiving orders from buyers in various formats such as PDFs, Excel and Google
docs, emails, texts, even jotted down on paper. Having to manage these disparate forms in
various apps and programs creates inefficiencies in operating procedures and ultimately has a
negative impact on the bottom line. And, though the Massachusetts market will start out with a
bang, experience in all other markets shows, it will tighten up relatively quickly, so running an
efficient business is paramount to longevity.

Building a proprietary inventory/order/client management solution can work, but is often times
not cost-effective. What’s more, getting buyers to use your unique software when they also work
with dozens of other vendors can be challenging. So, what can you do? The answer is, find a
3rd-party software company with a tool that fits your needs with the right feature set, right level
of customer service, and the right pricing that makes sense for your business. There are a few
options out there. Some may be out of your price range, others may not fit your specific
requirements or truly understand your business, but there should be a solution that works for
you and will help you save time, effort and money.

At Apex Trading, we believe we understand the needs of the wholesale cannabis industry. Our
team is made up of folks who have been working in wholesale legal markets since it began in
2014. Our tools are easy-to-use, priced right, and we’ve been told by the numerous wholesale
cannabis producers using our software that we got right where others have failed. But, don’t just
take our word for it. We encourage you to do your research and find the solution that’s right for
you. And, whether you choose to go with Apex Trading or someone else, standardizing your
processes are sure to help keep your books running in the black as the market inevitably
becomes more competitive.

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