Is cash at your dispensary becoming too much of a distraction?

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Is cash at your dispensary becoming too much of a distraction?

Using automation and cash recyclers to improve efficiency and the customer experience.

As cannabis sales skyrocket, and legalization movements continue to gain serious support, one
thing remains clear when it comes to most dispensaries…cash is still king, and inefficient cash
operations are almost a guarantee.

Most dispensary managers spend 20 hours per week just dealing with cash. Some businesses
even have several employees on staff whose entire day consists of counting, handling, and
reconciling cash. Not only does that lead to errors and internal theft, but the daily pressure of
performing transactions quickly and accurately results in a stressful dispensary environment.
So how do you streamline cash operations while maintaining a secure atmosphere?

Cash recyclers have already been proven to save costs, eliminate errors, and make the
reconciliation of revenue easier than ever. By automating the deposit, validation, sorting,
storage, and dispensing of cash and coin, a cash recycler guarantees you barely handle your
cash, while solving challenges that improve the quality of life for team members who no longer
have to worry about inaccuracies.

Meanwhile the security benefits of a cash recycler are boundless – with three key points to
keep in mind for best practices:

1. Employees can deposit larger bills into a cash recycler throughout the day, instead of only
performing one final drop. Midday drops are still tracked and lower the risk that comes with
cash sitting out in a till drawer.
2. Managers can limit the amount of cash being dispensed to employees at the start of the day,
while still providing the option to pick up more cash only if it’s needed.
3. Custom alerts can notify managers in real-time when cash is running low or when the sales
deposit is ready for the bank.
That means not only are you saving time, improving security, and effortlessly tracking your
inventory with a cash recycler, but your team can truly feel confident concentrating on your
core business.

For now, cash is still vital when it comes to cannabis sales, and you need a secure, stress-free
retail environment so you can focus on what matters to you most. With cash automation
technology specifically designed for your business, cash recyclers give you the freedom to
maintain the ultimate customer experience.

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