Live from CannaCon Midwest 2019 in Detroit

cannacon midwest 2019 | cannabis b2b expo

The COBO Center is all abuzz with cannabis businesses and the next crop of people looking to enter this booming industry. Check out some photos from Day 1 Live from CannaCon Midwest 2019 in Detroit. But not to worry! If you missed it this year, we will be back in 2020. CannaCon is THE cannabis…

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Why CannaCon is Essential to Michigan’s Cannabis Industry

michigan's cannabis industry | cannabis industry in michigan

Life changing opportunities as significant as Michigan is currently laying the groundwork for are not something people see come along very often. Cannabis might be the last new major agricultural commodity introduced to economies worldwide. Whether we are talking about medical marijuana, adult-use marijuana or industrial hemp, the market in Michigan is expected to grow…

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The Business Side of Cannabis: What to See, Do and Learn in Detroit

cannabis business conference | cannacon midwest

We have already taken a look at what CannaCon Midwest attendees can do, see and learn on the production side of the cannabis business. Now let’s examine the business side and the ancillary services you can explore at our Midwest cannabis business conference. If you have never attended a cannabis expo show, especially one of the traveling CannaCon conferences, you will likely be surprised at the vast array of businesses that have forged a niche for themselves in this burgeoning industry.

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Cannabis Production: What to See, Do and Learn in Detroit

cannabis production | midwest cannabis conference detroit

Plant a Seed at CannaCon Midwest If you’ve never attended a cannabis conference, you may wonder what it’s all about. Some imagine big groups of people sitting in a circles, smoking joints and listening to the Grateful Dead, or floral-crown-wearing hippies burning incense and dancing in a drum circle. That’s cool, but that’s not CannaCon.…

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