Cannabis Gifts for Everyone in Your Life

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Cannabis is trending big time, so it’s no surprise that cannabis gifts are showing up on Christmas lists everywhere. Smokers, non-smokers, even dear sweet grandmothers are dreaming of a cannabis Christmas. We’ve gathered a list of great cannabis gifts for every person on your list.


Marijuana and smoking devices would be the obvious choice for smokers. It’s practical and most smokers would be happy to receive it. But choice of flower can be a personal thing, so it might be a good idea to focus on accessories.

There are a million accessories that your favorite smoker might not even know exist. People have long looked for a cool place to stash their flower, but these days the choices are majorly improving in quality. A Cannador® keeps weed fresh for longer. Stainless steel stash containers are also popular because they protect the flower from damage by water, air, and light.

Subscription Boxes are the gift that keeps on giving all year long. Just like popular beauty and fashion boxes, subscription boxes arrive once a month filled with a sampling of things the smoker can use. These boxes do not come with marijuana inside but are filled with a sampling of the newest accessories on the market like rolling papers and pipes for flower smokers, and rigs for dab smokers. Subscription boxes are personalized for how a person likes to smoke.

There are weed-themed games, just like drinking games but geared toward friends who like to smoke together. Cannabis coloring books and a pack of colored pencils could provide a pot smoker with a great night of creative fun that pairs nicely with smoking.


Some people love the smell of marijuana, but they can’t smoke it. Companies like Malin + Goetz produce cannabis-scented candles so even non-smokers can safely enjoy the spicy aroma of cannabis mixed with other warm scents. HEM sells cannabis-scented incense sticks. There are tons of candles geared toward people who love the smell of marijuana–even if they don’t smell like cannabis. Look for products with smells like nag champa or patchouli.

Smokers and nonsmokers alike will appreciate some of the gorgeous art created to celebrate the beauty of marijuana culture. Posters, prints, calendars, sculptures–you can find just about any type of artwork created with a cannabis theme.

There is an entire cannabis fashion industry. You can find pot leafs on any manner of clothes–leggings, shirts, dresses, watches, belts, socks, sneakers, and anything else you could imagine. A comfy pot-leaf robe might be the perfect gift for someone who wants to lounge all day. Some CBD-infused bon bons would be nice too.

If your person likes to make their own edibles, gift them with pot-leaf shaped cookie cutters and muffin pans. There are enough marijuana-themed kitchen items to have an entire well-appointed cannabis kitchen. A cannabis cookbook would be a great gift for anyone who wants to try cooking with cannabis.

Elderly Family Members

Your grandparents could win the holiday contests everywhere if you get them an Ugly Marijuana Sweater. These not-so-subtle tributes to Christmas kitsch are great fun.

CBD lotions or oils make great gifts for people who suffer with arthritis or other physical pain. Just make sure to go through a reputable company so you’re getting something that will actually soothe pain. It’s a good idea to know what kind of pain your person is dealing with so you can find a fitting product to fight it.

With marijuana becoming increasingly more accepted, many older people are quietly sampling cannabis products. The most common way for older people to try cannabis for the first time is to eat edibles. Like CBD oil and lotion, edibles tend to create a soothing body high, which can help soothe the aches and pains that come with getting older.


The thing is, everyone on your list would love a green gift in some shape or form. If you’re feeling really generous, throw a Cannabis Christmas Party! You could serve CBD-infused goodies and edibles for those who want to try them. Just make sure to label everything very well. There are marijuana-themed ornaments to create an entire cannabis Christmas tree. Light your cannabis-scented candles and invite your family and friends over for a green Christmas.

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