The Importance of Soil Biology

healthy soils | soil biology

Soil is much more than “dirt.” Healthy soils can be seen as a living entity. It contains a diverse, living, ecosystem composed of organic (living) and inorganic (non-living) matter. The importance of soil biology is often overlooked, but it is extremely important to ensure your soil has all the components it requires so it can…

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How an Integrated POS Can Save Your Cannabis Dispensary

integrated POS | cannabis point of sale

Have you ever wondered how governments quickly pinpoint the exact batch of spinach causing the recent E. Coli outbreak? It’s all thanks to strict food safety and traceability requirements enforced by the Food & Drug Administration and other government entities. Traceability is a necessary piece of many industries, cannabis included. But its necessity doesn’t diminish…

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The Terpene Profile of the Apple

terpene profile of apple

The weather is beginning to cool off and the first day of Fall is this weekend. That means the leaves will be turning and apples season is here. In honor of the occasion True Terpenes is presenting a look at the terpene profile of the apple. To begin with apples, just as many plants like basil…

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How to Grow the Best Marijuana Yield

best marijuana yield

Every marijuana grower wants to know how they can get the best marijuana yield possible. After all, we grow not only for the love of growing but also for that sweet bud at the end of the grow season. It’s also in many people’s best interests to be able to weigh the cost and return…

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Dispelling The Myths: The Importance Of Flushing Your Plants Before Harvest

plant flushing

The following blog on plant flushing is a guest post from Advanced Nutrients. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the CannaCon organization, employees or other related individuals. Within the world of cultivation, there seems to be debate over the topic of plant flushing.…

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We have come a long way

bob smart | cannacon founder

We have come a long way as an industry. Our founder and CEO Bob Smart started out as a grower. Here is a very comprehensive blog he posted way back in 2004 detailing the progression of his grow under the alias Agent 86. “It’s kind of interesting that online journals and guys like me…

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Optimize Google My Business: Drive Local Customers To Your Dispensary

Google My Business

As legal marijuana steps ever closer into the national limelight, cannabis entrepreneurs will do well to harness the marketing power of Google My Business, a free and user-friendly tool that helps businesses and organizations manage their internet presence across all of Google’s offerings, including Maps and Search.   There are an estimated 450,000 local dispensary…

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