How to Store Cannabis Concentrates

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There is a certain thrill to the cannabis selection process. A wide variety of strains, ingestion methods and associated accouterments provide endless combinations for cannabis consumers ranging from casual to serious. While the product is in the dispensary, budtenders and staff ensure best storage, but once it leaves the dispensary, keeping cannabis concentrates fresh and extending shelf-life is key. In ideal conditions, most concentrates will be fresh roughly six months to a year from production. Here you’ll learn specifically how to best store concentrates and which concentrate jars or containers are best.

How to Store Concentrates

Concentrate storage is no difficult task if the right tools and methods are adopted. First, know thy enemies. Air, light, heat and moisture will shorten product life and cost additional money. Over time, cannabis in all forms continuously exposed to elements can wane the original cannabinoids, flavor, aroma, potency and weight. Second, consistency of the extract will determine the best storage container. From honey oil to shatter, storage must address each form for best fit. Third, length of storage governs the best environment for the container. For purposes of this post, short-term is a week or less, while medium-term is a week or two, and long-term is more than two weeks.

Cool, dark, opaque places are best for storage but for those without this environment naturally occurring in their home, a refrigerator or freezer is useful for long-term storage. Excess air must be removed, and double containment is always recommended, as well as using the smallest vessel possible for less air to hold inside the package. Further, ensure the container reaches room temperature before cutting the seal. It is essential as well that all storage containers are labeled and kept out of reach of children at all times.

Parchment paper alone works as very short-term storage of some brittle extract consistencies, however, parchment paper is mostly used inside of a container in order to minimize sticking and maximize lift power. This method of storage is not ideal for runny concentrates such as distillates or sauce. Keep in a cool and dark place. If a more medium-term storage is needed, this method can be extended by utilizing parchment paper in a sealed food bag that is stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Remember, parchment paper is not the same as wax paper, which tends to stick to the product due to its wax coating.

Airtight stainless steel containers, such as the EVault, store cannabis concentrates in both large and small quantities. This type of container is also easy to clean and stores compactly. Additionally, these containers are impact-resistant and durable. This makes stainless steel a popular containment for those traveling to various venues and events.

Medical grade silicone has the advantage of security and ease of removal. This type of container is best for short-term storage, as air tightness is not typically a feature. This type of container cleans up easily, is non-breakable and reusable.

Glass containers are best for concentrates such as budder, THCa crystalline, resin sauce, and other concentrates that are not as attracted to glass. For long-term storage, these containers can be vacuum sealed, then stored in a cool, dark place. Remember, clear glass is not ideal so if this is a feature, be sure to put clear glass concentrate jars inside an opaque case.

Plastic concentrate jars are not considered to be the ideal containers as stickier concentrates and shatters will quickly become very difficult to remove. This material also does not always handle refrigeration and freezer time well.

As a specific example, are you wondering how to store RSO oil? Rick Simpson oil (RSO) has a long shelf-life when properly stored in a dark container with a tight lid, in a cool dark place. Under these conditions, RSO can maintain its potency for numerous years.

Hopefully, this information on concentrate jars will keep your purchases at their best. But if doubt occurs, it is best to know the signs of cannabis that has gone bad. If any signs of bunk herb as noted below are found, discard the product immediately:

  • Condensation droplets in the container
  • Signs of mildew and mold
  • Loss of aroma/odor
  • Dry or rough feeling
  • Discoloration

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