Fun Things to do in Albuquerque

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As the largest city in New Mexico, it’s no wonder that the nation’s leading B2B cannabis conference, CannaCon, is calling Albuquerque home to their latest event. Anyone interested in becoming a part of the blazing New Mexico Cannabis Market can take this opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurs and learn everything from cultivation and marketing to…

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13 Best Dispensaries in Albuquerque and New Mexico State [2024]

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To say that the cannabis industry is flourishing in New Mexico would be an understatement. While medicinal cannabis has been legal since 2007, cannabis for recreational use wasn’t available for purchase until April 1st, 2022. Since then, The Land of Enchantment has really embraced the use of the cannabis plant for health and wellness, with…

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The New Mexico Cannabis Market is Blazing

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Perhaps beyond the land, the New Mexico cannabis market itself is enchanted. Of the adult-use markets launched since the beginning of 2022, Montana and New Mexico are second to none on a per capita basis. Read on for more stats about the current state of New Mexico cannabis sales. 2024 Cannabis Sales New Mexico New…

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History of 420 and Predictions for the Cannabis Industry

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Did you know the term “420” is in the Oxford English Dictionary?  “People always asked where it came from, and none of the explanations were very good,” says Katherine Connor Martin, product director for Oxford Languages at Oxford University Press. “So it’s very pleasing that the record of the English language now records what seems…

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