6 Common Cannabis Packaging Issues – and How to Avoid Them

cannabis packaging issues

Cannabis Packaging Issues Today The cannabis packaging industry, as a whole, is facing unprecedented packaging demands. Rarely before has a product had so many uses or come in so many packaging formats. This creates several roadblocks when it comes to developing child-resistant packaging, catering to consumer needs and creating a safer market as the industry…

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Terpene Profiles in Chocolates

terpene profiles in chocolates

The 2019 CannaCon Seattle is coming soon! CannaCon and True Terpenes are partnering to share a recent study on altering terpene profiles in chocolates using new techniques. A group of researchers were reviewing and developing new techniques to process chocolate. They explain that chocolate production is a complicated process that is primarily done on industrial…

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How Can A Cannabis Track and Trace System Impact the Cannabis Industry?

unexpected ways to use cannabis

What is a Cannabis Track and Trace System? The relative novelty of the medical and recreational cannabis sectors has enabled regulators and companies within these spaces to harness new and effective product oversight and distribution strategies. States that have already legalized recreational sales have become great incubators for fresh thinking and concepts that could have…

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Effective branding is one of the most valuable parts of any business

cannabis branding | cannabis socia media

Without a doubt, effective branding is one of the most valuable parts of any business; cannabis or otherwise. Your brand represents not only how you see your company, but how others do as well. Your customers, your competition, and everyone in between knows and understands your company through the lens of your brand. You may…

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Public Perception of Marijuana: Then vs Now

public perception of marijuana

A Then vs. Now look at the public perception of marijuana: When Ralph W. Emerson went on to describe it as “a plant whose virtues have never been discovered”, marijuana was “nature’s worst mistake” and its use second only to blasphemy. The 1960s witnessed raging altercations on the use/abuse of weed between the cantankerous older…

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Seattle City Guide: Stuff Around Town

seattle city guide | seattle cannacon 2019

Seattle City Guide: Stuff Around Town On a sunny day, the view West from the zenith of Melrose Avenue on Capitol Hill is majestic: sunlight reflections glitter in windows of high-rises, the Space Needle complements the skyline of buildings and cranes dotting downtown to Denny Triangle, and the dome of the sky opens to meet…

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Seattle City Guide: Pubs, Grub & Caffeine

seattle pubs | seattle grub

Seattle City Guide: Food & Coffee Whether you’re seeking late-night indulgent gut bombs, a sampling of fine Pacific Northwest seafood, Spanish tapas, Hawaiian poke, Japanese umami, or Mexican cuisine inspired from numerous regions, Seattle is a rich culinary destination with resplendent choices for every palate. Here is our guide for Seattle pubs, grub, and the…

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Seattle City Guide: Most Lit Dispensaries

seattle cannabis dispensaries

Seattle City Guide: Cannabis Dispensaries In the seven years following Washington’s I-502 marijuana ballot, world-renowned strains have emerged on the legal market—just as dispensaries have flourished throughout Seattle and greater Washington. Washington’s cannabis industry now includes some of the most innovative brands, strains, companies, and products in the United States. CannaCon was founded to connect…

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