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Ivy League institutions like Harvard and UC Berkeley have been doing research and offering classes on cannabis since 2016, twenty years after California became the first state in the United States to legalize medical cannabis. It was then that UC Berkeley, famous for being progressive in its politics offered a first-of-its-kind, Cannabis and Journalism, course for students. In 2016, especially in the state of California, cannabis was still very political. All very cool in the massive shift towards decriminalization, but what about cannabis education resources and classes available for the everyday Jane (or John) like you and me? From low-cost to free cannabis education and more, below we’ll go over ways you can access cannabis educational opportunities. 

Cannabis Education Resources 

The industry has demand and as more states decriminalize and legalize cannabis, the demand will continue increasing. One of the biggest in-demand areas in the cannabis industry is in growing. The need for growers is increasing and companies like Growers House will help fill the need. These educational opportunities are fun, allow community members an easy in to the industry and are super affordable at just $4.20 per person (YUP!) 

The company offers classes on: 

  • Growing
  • Irrigation
  • Nutrients
  • Harvesting
  • Edibles 
  • And more! 

We can’t mention cannabis education without the introduction of Oaksterdam, the first-ever institution built specifically to study all things cannabis. First opening its doors in 2006, Oaksterdam has grown to offer cannabis education ranging from online certifications, recognized and respected worldwide, just not accredited by any academic body; a fact likely due to the criminalization of the plant. 

With courses from government-certified teachers, Indica Institute offers a program where anyone can learn about cannabis. It is a learning platform that’s completely free and offers information on everything from different strains to growing and even retail. It also has clear direction and concise information about cannabis.

While not free, THC University is relatively low-cost. The program provides comprehensive courses on cannabis and has college-level education without the same commitment. Certifications are also available for completing classes and taking quizzes. These certifications can be used when applying for jobs in the industry. At less than $200, it’s an affordable program for many but they also regularly offer 50% off deals! 

Green Flower is another option. Like others, it is not free, but it does have some low-cost options! Additionally, users can try their first course for free before committing to any payments.

Popular Culture and News Sites With Free Cannabis Education

Maybe an in-person class or actual degree isn’t your thing. We get it. There are plenty of other popular news and culture websites that provide cannabis education to site visitors. For basic level free and low-cost cannabis learning opportunities, check out sites like:

Popular news and culture site Leafly has an entire “Leafly Learn” series which has articles ranging from growing your own cannabis to education on social justice and decriminalization issues, leafly is your beginners guide to all things weed. Psychedelics now, too. 

If you’re curious about the effects of cannabis on your physical health, you can call or visit this popular Denver-based non-profit. Leaf411’s whole mission is to “provide education and directional support to the general public about the safe use of legal cannabis”. Leaf411 has a team of cannabis-trained nurses who are passionate about helping our community access balanced education about their legal cannabis use.

NowThis Weed

NowThis media thought so highly of weed that they dedicated an entire journalism team to covering the plant. You can learn a lot from watching NowThis videos. They educate content consumers through provoking video content. A cannabis education-related video produced earlier this year introduced Colorado State University’s above-mentioned class. 

If you’re looking for accredited colleges and universities that offer different cannabis education courses, programs, and/or certificates, we’ve got some great information on degrees here. Here’s a quick rundown on some other options, too: 

The University of Denver

The University of Denver offers cannabis specialized degrees in fields like law, journalism, and their newly offered business class at the Daniels College of Business.

Colorado State University

Colorado State University’s (CSU) Pueblo campus will offer a cannabis-centered major this fall.

“It’s a rigorous degree geared toward the increasing demand coming about because of the cannabis industry,” a Colorado State dean David Lehmpuhl told the Denver Post.

The Colorado Department of Higher Education, no puns, even announced that it approved CSU’s bachelor’s of science degree program in Cannabis Biology and Chemistry, which will be the state’s first cannabis-related degree program. Big changes in cannabis education, for sure!

What’s one of the best ways to learn more about the cannabis industry aside from free cannabis education? A conference, of course. Get cannabis education resources, connect with professionals from the industry, learn more about cannabis in general and even check out some of the latest innovations. Do it at an upcoming CannaCon event!

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