Top 7 Cannabis Social Networking Websites in 2022

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Marijuana social media is on the rise as the cannabis industry continues to plant and extend its roots. Cannabis business social network platforms to share, collaborate and communicate with other like-minded weed-lovers have proven to be beneficial to business owners and consumers alike. Creating safe, niche environments for weed social networking helps to strengthen the producer-consumer connection, directly pushing the industry onward and upward. Let’s get to know the top seven cannabis business social network websites for cannabis social media marketing!

  1. WeedLife
  2. MjLink
  3. LeafWire
  4. Grasscity 
  5. CannaSOS
  6. 420 Magazine Forums
  7. WeedTube

Top Cannabis Social Media Networking Websites

  1. WeedLife

Created in 2013, WeedLife is one of the most popular platforms on the internet’s marijuana social network. Similar to Facebook, users login either online or through an app and are presented with a real-time newsfeed that they can interact with and contribute to by posting cannabis-related photos, videos, blogs and opinions. Users can create, enter and contribute to fan pages, groups and discussion forums to share thoughts, reviews and updates on their favorite marijuana topics. WeedLife is a great place for business-to-consumer cannabis social media marketing, whereas its sister site MjLink is ideal for cannabis entrepreneurs and business owners to network and promote themselves.

Catered specifically for cannabis professionals to congregate and share their craft, MjLink provides a universal marijuana social network for weed-lovers alike either via their app or online site. Whether you are a producer, grower, provider, vendor or retailer, you’ll find the value of connecting with other weed business professionals through various content interactions and promotions. MjLink offers an activity feed featuring cannabis news, products and networking opportunities among other marijuana-centered companies. Here you can grow your brand through exposure, find your next farmer, or even invest in the next booming business to enter the industry.

  1. LeafWire

Move over LinkedIn, LeafWire is serving users with a similar professional platform geared toward enhancing the overall cannabis business social network. As a business owner on LeafWire, you can optimize your company’s outreach by sourcing new employees, reaching out to groups of potential investors, and promoting your brand through cannabis social media marketing. As a consumer, you can find available cannabis-industry jobs, network with other like-minded professionals, and stay updated on current events. Consider LeafWire your one-stop shop for all those in the business of cannabis, whether you’re looking to invest, hire or brush up on the latest news.

  1. Grasscity

One of the veterans of weed social networking websites started as a classic forum-style platform, inviting users to chat about their best methods of growing weed. Today, Grasscity Forums has grown to become one of the biggest marijuana social networks for cannabis lovers to dive deep into the industry’s culture, news, products, growing methods and legalization. This well-rounded option offers a comprehensive list of active marijuana dispensaries nationwide, discussion forums regarding cannabis-related legislation and policies, and years of archived grower-to-grower knowledge. 

  1. CannaSOS

CannaSOS is a marijuana social network with more than 400,000 monthly visitors looking for comprehensive cannabis data on thousands of strains worldwide, such as their THC content, characteristics, effects, availability and more. This database serves a niche purpose for weed connoisseurs and business owners alike, as companies are able to use the detailed database information for cannabis social media marketing and education, drawing in even the most curious of consumers. Users can review products, connect with industry professionals and ask questions regarding specific topics that marijuana experts are happy to answer. 

  1. 420 Magazine Forums

Since 1993, 420 Magazine has been bringing cannabis awareness to the forefront of weed-lovers’ lives — once in the form of old-school paper print and now a powerful online presence with a reputable following. An ageless design combining the highlight of an online forum with the gripping social network sharing aspect has given new life to the platform. While 420 Magazine Forum is available only online, not yet as an app, it still allows for that home-grown classic feel that many users find comforting. Users can engage in deep discussions of technical marijuana production, dive into legislation and policies statewide, or just share and enjoy photos of weed-related topics with others. A truly solid foundation for anyone to start their online weed social networking ventures, as the space is welcome for all to create connections. 

  1. WeedTube

WeedTube is a social platform and protected content hub that embraces cannabis and combats censorship. In response to YouTube and Instagram’s deletion of cannabis content, WeedTube was founded in 2018 to offer educational and recreational cannabis videos by the community, for the community. WeedTube aims to lead the conversation surrounding cannabis and social media and has launched a petition to ask Big Social to consider the legally operating cannabis industry in its content policies. WeedTube’s other social initiatives include Canna4Climate, which encourages environmental sustainability in the cannabis industry while changing the perception of what it means to be a “stoner,” and an annual Pride Month fundraiser for The Trevor Project.

Marijuana Social Media

Marijuana social media has already proven to be worth its weight in gold as a productive, educational space for online users of all backgrounds to congregate and participate in the global cannabis conversation. These weed social media networks have value to offer for everyone, be it a business owner searching for the best place to market their new product, or a newbie stoner looking for a chatroom to share their experiences.

Are you ready to flex your weed social networking skills? Find a CannaCon show near you and network with the industry’s best and brightest. Walk the expo floor to find B2B products and services to support your business, and attend seminars on the industry’s hottest topics.

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