Cannabis Expungements Status in U.S.

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Cannabis prisoners are a controversial group. Over the past 25+ years, an average of more than 600,000 arrests for cannabis are in the United States every year. Of those arrests, Black individuals are nearly four times more likely than their white counterparts to be arrested despite both groups using cannabis at similar rates. With adult-use…

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The Unique Challenges Cannabis Beverages Present the Industry

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Cannabis-infused beverages have caused a lot of hoopla across the United States. Their appeal is wide, much like edibles, and early into legalization, major brands jumped into producing them. Cannabis drinks are easy to consume, require no smoke and are dosed in preset amounts, making their popularity palpable. Their availability, however, has been marred by…

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Discovering the Science of Smokeability: A Groundbreaking New Study by DaySavers

Imagine a world where your next smoke session not only brings relaxation but also contributes to groundbreaking scientific research. This isn’t a far-fetched dream—it’s happening now, thanks to an innovative collaboration between DaySavers, the Cannabis Research Coalition (CRC), and the Network of Applied Pharmacognosy (NAP). With their pioneering study, “The Science of Smokeability,” cannabis enthusiasts…

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What’s Happening in Cali?

California Marijuana Documents | DEA Cannabis

Having earned its moniker of Golden State within the cannabis realm, California was one of the first states to legalize both medicinal and recreational cannabis use. This long-standing spot in the market means ups and downs, which the California cannabis industry and associated governing bodies have worked hard to address. Do you approve of these…

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FDA Submits Cannabis Policy to the White House

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On a federal level, cannabis policy and CBD policy are under constant review. However, monumental changes have been rare. State-level regulations are providing an important precedent, however, as well as clearing a path for necessary national regulations. Read on for the latest news regarding U.S. national policy on cannabis and CBD regulations. Reclassification reshaping cannabis…

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