Organic Standards Progress Report

organic standards for clean tested cannabis

In 2020, we reported on states that were establishing organic standards for cannabis production. These cannabis standards help ensure clean, tested cannabis and can also help mitigate the risks that come with a growing (and sometimes unregulated) cannabis production industry. The standards are still not widespread, but the movement is growing. While states like Washington and California were previously working toward set guidelines, a Maine cannabis company also recently announced an organic cannabis harvest. 

Third-Party Testing

Despite any changes to state-sponsored organic standards, the best way for cannabis businesses to offer certified-organic products is through third-party testing. These facilities have rigorous testing processes that are comparable to, if not more stringent, than the state-regulated standards. Additionally, they are able to provide accurate information about the cannabis they test as well as certification that it is organic. Many organic cannabis companies rely on these third-party certificates as most states have not yet established standards for clean cannabis. 


The state’s Department of Agriculture began working with The Cannabis Alliance and the Organic Cannabis Association (OCA) to ensure the state had adequate guidelines, testing and procedures in place to establish organic standards for cannabis. When these standards are complete, the state will allow products that have passed the rigorous testing process to include organic on their labeling. Additionally, Washington has established specific rules regarding the type of pesticides that can be use on cannabis products: organic or not.


Starting in 2020, the organic cannabis guidelines were established in California. While a different set of rules governs the way that cannabis products can be grown in the state, the OCal establishes standards for clean cannabis in the state. Only growers that have met these specific standards will be able to label their clean cannabis products as organic.


Playing off the fact that many Mainers support crat industries, the state has worked to establish organic guidance for cannabis products. This process includes testing and certification that cannabis-based businesses are able to apply for as well as standards that they must reach to maintain these qualifications. The state has worked toward making these standards inclusive to ensure that Maine cannabis companies are given a fair chance at ensuring they can apply for and certify for organic cannabis products. 


While Georgia hasn’t even established recreationally legal cannabis products, they’re still offering options for CBD and hemp-based businesses to offer certified organic products. This law requires businesses to produce CBD using only organic pesticides.


Similar to Georgia, The law in The Bay State requires all CBD and hemp products to be produced only using organic pesticides. 

What This Means

For cannabis businesses across the country, this push toward organic standards is a move in the right direction. It signals that states are considering different types of cannabis labeling and that many may be moving toward a regulated industry that includes options for those who are interested in products that are grown in a way conducive to an organic lifestyle. States with current organic standards in place, but no recreational use laws can be expected to carry over the organic standards into any new laws that are passed. Additionally, many of these laws only apply to those who want to label their cannabis as “organic” or “clean.” Aside from some requirements in certain states, other cannabis companies are not disbarred from offering products just because they aren’t organic. 

We all know that the cannabis industry is constantly changing and evolving to meet the needs of businesses and legislation. For those of us in the industry, it can be difficult to keep up with these changes. At CannaCon, we work to provide you accurate and up-to-date information. Whether it’s from right here on our blog about clean tested cannabis or it’s from one of our live cannabis expos, you can expect the most from CannaCon

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