Terpene Profiles in Chocolates

terpene profiles in chocolates

The 2019 CannaCon Seattle is coming soon! CannaCon and True Terpenes are partnering to share a recent study on altering terpene profiles in chocolates using new techniques.

A group of researchers were reviewing and developing new techniques to process chocolate. They explain that chocolate production is a complicated process that is primarily done on industrial scale machinery. The scale required is prohibitive to many small businesses and also reduces experimentation in the industry.

The scientists took common equipment like a melanger (specialized grider) and stephen mixer (similar to a kitchen mixer) often used in manufacturing or cooking and utilized them to demonstrate small scale methods. Interestingly enough, the study also found that these processes changed the volatile profile of the chocolates. Specifically it increased the chocolate terpenes content several-fold. Linalool, myrcene and ocimene were the terpenes they identified. Linalool and myrcene were also found to impart a more acidic and fruity flavors in those chocolates.

The data shows that the melanger and stephen mixer used lower temperatures and reduce RPM than traditional methods. The addition of a vacuum pump with the stephen mixer helped chocolate curing. Longer vacuum runs reduced terpene contents, but they still remained at least double the contents of traditional methods.

Perhaps these techniques may prove useful to an edible company in the cannabis space, or hopefully this information helped demonstrate the variety of foods and plants that contain terpenes. True Terpenes strain profiles are great ways to increase the terpene content of any chocolate. We recommend adding about 1% by weight and to be sure to add while the chocolate is cooling to reduce loss of the terpenes to volatilization.

True Terpenes can’t wait to see everyone at the Seattle CannaCon January 31 through February 2. Find us at booth 717/718 and feel free to contact our team at [email protected] for any questions.

The 2019 CannaCon Seattle is only weeks away! @Cannacon and @TrueTerpenes are teaming up to share a recent study on altering terpene profiles in chocolates using new processing techniques. They significantly increased linalool and other terpene content in the chocolate. Read more on the study and get the link to the science at the @Cannacon blog today. – #TrueTerpenes #Cannacon #CannaconSeattle #Seattle #2019 #NewYear #terpenes #terps #terphunter #chocolateterps #chocoterps #chocolateterpenes #chocolate #darkchocolate #milkchocolate #hersheys #cannabis #hemp #farmbill



  1. Costa on February 2, 2019 at 11:19 am

    I am producing raw chocolates with whole plant extracts and therpenes in europe, and have had interesting test results in terms of content in end product . Yes raw (low temp) processing is interesting.

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