Oklahoma: The Pioneering Wild West of Weed

Oklahoma cannabis market | OK cannabis market

Learn more about the Oklahoma Cannabis Market — the Wild West of Weed. What comes to mind when you think of Oklahoma? Cows? Buffalo? The Pioneer Woman? The musical Oklahoma? Choctaw Native Americans? For me, it’s a broad expanse of freeway that seemingly stretches into oblivion, guarded by some of the cruelest Highway Patrolmen I’ve…

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How the Cannabis Industry is Re-Imagining Child-Resistant Packaging Design

child-resistant cannabis packaging

Child-resistant packaging using push-and-twist caps has remained the same for about fifty years. With the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in some states and medical use in others, a new wave of creativity and innovation has been unleashed in child-resistant cannabis packaging. Child-resistant packaging is receiving a makeover. The need for specific types of…

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