Highlighting Female Leaders in the Cannabis Industry

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It’s no secret that the legal cannabis and CBD market is booming in 2019. As the plant gains more attention for its healing properties, and the industry pushes for Federal legalization it’s no surprise to learn that there are some powerful women in cannabis behind the scenes ensuring that we have access to safe, beneficial products.

Advocacy, research, and marketing for cannabis don’t end at legalization. In fact, there’s still so much to learn about regulations, safety, and selling that these women are taking the lead and helping shape the cannabis industry.

Female Leaders in the Cannabis Industry

According to Marijuana Business Daily, 27% of executive-level roles in the cannabis industry are held by women. Unfortunately, that’s down nearly 10% since 2015, making the need for women-led cannabis brands critical.

The work of the women featured here ensures that diversity, equality, and, innovation continuously exist in the fast-growing, ever-evolving cannabis industry. Their work holds the door open for other women to be supported, funded and profitable in this business.

Note: this is not an exhaustive list.

Hope Wiseman, CEO, MARY & MAIN

Since becoming the youngest African-American woman to own a dispensary in the U.S., Hope and her team have made an initiative to educate and uplift the local community in Capitol Heights, Maryland. Not only does her leadership inspire other women to seek ownership but she’s making room for minority women to be included and represented in the cannabis industry.

Dr. Chanda Macias, CEO Women Grow & National Holistic Healing Center

With a Ph.D. in Cellular Biology and an MBA in Supply Chain Management, Dr. Macias work focuses on providing medical marijuana to patients who need it most, in a unique way. She and her team focus on “ailment-strain alignment” which provides patients with customized care and strain plans centered around their specific medical needs.

Mara Gordon, Cannabis Advocate

When she’s not actively advocating for cannabis, you can find Mara on TEDx stages and in documentaries talking about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Through the Aunt Zelda’s brand, Gordon uses data to create plant-based medicine for thousands of patients around the world.

Rosie Mattio, CEO MATTIO Communications

Recognizing the need for PR and marketing representation in cannabis, Rosie has built her brand to become one of the most influential and reputable PR firms in the industry. Working with over 32 well-known brands, MATTIO Communications does the work to promote safe, legal cannabis brands in a way that normalizes and shines a new light on cannabis.

Gaynell Rogers, Lori Ferrara and Lindy Snider: Co-Founders, Treehouse Global Ventures

With a goal to raise at least $20 million in funding for women-owned cannabis businesses, these founders are committed to ensuring that women always have a place in this evolving industry. Their combined backgrounds in media relations, marketing, and sales at the executive level provide them with the skill and passion to empower other women to create and fund businesses and brands that are needed for the cannabis consumer market.

Jessica Billingsley, CEO, MF Freeway

After investing in medical marijuana in 2009, Billingsley co-found MJ Freeway in 2010 after recognizing the need for technology within the industry. Her software was one of the first to track the seed-to-sale process which has, in turn, become the leading software for compliance and data tracking for dispensaries. Her work shows women in cannabis leadership positions how to use their current skill set and apply it within the cannabis industry for the benefit of the creators and consumers.

Learn More about Female Cannabis Industry Leaders

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