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Reserve a booth at one of the world’s largest cannabis industry expo events.

As an entrepreneur in a rapidly evolving marketplace, you’re probably savvy, calculated, and analytical. You understand the importance of maximizing results while minimizing effort and expense.

It makes sense to be selective with your precious time and resources. Whether you are a consumer, industry employee, entrepreneur, producer, processor, retailer, or investor, CannaCon provides an ideal platform for business growth. Exhibitors amass countless contacts, forge business deals, gain strategic insights, and achieve unrivalled access to industry knowledge through the course of each expo.

Win direct access to hundreds of businesses for invaluable market research and possible partnership opportunities. Interact with hundreds of cannabis technology influencers and industry leaders paving the way for a sustainable, healthy, and lucrative future. Join our revolution of green innovators driving the cannabis industry forward.

Become an Exhibitor

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