What Sets CannaCon Apart from Other Cannabis Conferences

b2b cannabis conference

Here at CannaCon, we’ve positioned ourselves as the nation’s best B2B cannabis conference. Our premier goal is to expand the cannabis industry by educating cannabis business owners on all things cannabis and CBD. We’ve developed a trade show that spans 6 locations, hosts over 800 exhibitors and more than 25,000 attendees, effectively covering most regions in the US. CannaCon produces high-quality seminars delivered by industry experts. If you’re in the B2B cannabis space, CannaCon is a must-see on your list of yearly cannabis conferences and events.

Deciding whether or not to jump on this year’s cannabis conference circuit is a tough call. Some expos are overwhelming – it’s tough to focus on relevant information to you and your business. But, at CannaCon, you choose the regional conference that makes sense for you so your experience can be as applicable to your business as possible. So, get your walking shoes and business cards ready! CannaCon won’t disappoint. 

Here are some of the top reasons CannaCon is a necessary stop on your expo tour.

B2B-Specific Partnerships & Networking Opportunities

CannaCon fosters lifelong partnerships within the emerging cannabis industry. Since it’s our mission to provide a global B2B venue for cannabis businesses, entrepreneurs, investors and community partners, we showcase all that makes up this growing industry. From cannabis products, innovations and technology to the people paving the way for this growing industry, you’ll find it all at CannaCon. There are many reasons why attending CannaCon is an excellent step for any business. Whether your business is in a mature or emerging market, learning about licensing and legislation is the first step to scaling any legal and compliant cannabis business. CannaCon stacks the schedule with qualified, seasoned speakers in the cannabis industry covering various topics, so our attendees can garner knowledge that pertains to their business.

One-stop shop Cannabis Conferences and Events

CannaCon is a one-stop shop, from cultivation supplies, the newest industry innovations, world-class genetics, business and legal advice, retail displays, extraction technology, scientific and financial trends, marketing, branding and more. Are you part of a dispensary looking for packaging solutions or retail displays? Or, is your financial services business looking to learn about the latest industry trends? Regardless of your particular business focus, CannaCon has something to offer. The plethora of diverse offerings at the best B2B conference makes it a valuable experience for seasoned professionals, as well as those new to the industry.

Well-known speakers from across the industry

The varied offerings at CannaCon are exemplified in our growing list of well-known speakers from across the industry. In the Midwest, speakers at this past year’s CannaCon included Nate Tilley, Senior Cultivation Specialist at Agro Lighting and Judy Rinkus, CEO of Seed to Sale Funding. In the Northeast, speakers included cannabis nurse, April Hatch. In the West, Nik Nikolayev; CEO at Rooted Leaf. Regardless of which region within the US, CannaCon delivers on providing attendees with the optimal amount of professional diversity to receive a well-rounded experience and a broad range of information to take home with you from our cannabis conferences and events.

Regional Focus

Unlike many other national conferences, CannaCon represents specific regions within the US and hosts speakers and vendors from those regions. Whether you’re in the Midwest or the Northeast, there is a conference in your region. This regional focus is precious for professionals looking to make connections within their specific area or learn about legislation relevant to their state and business.

This year, when CannaCon comes to a city near you, you won’t have to debate whether or not it’s worth attending because you already know it is. Which other conference makes it so easy for attendees to network with other B2B professionals in their specific region of the US? Why pass out all those business cards to folks that live 3,000 miles away when you can make strategic networking relationships with businesses in your area. Not to mention, at CannaCon, you’ll learn from some of the industry’s most established leaders and innovators. It doesn’t matter if your business is 5 years or 5 months in the making; there is value in attending CannaCon: the best B2B cannabis conference! 


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