11 Best Dispensaries in Albuquerque and New Mexico

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Best Dispensaries in Albuquerque and New Mexico State

2022 was a monumental year for cannabis in New Mexico! While medical cannabis has been legal in New Mexico since 2007 under the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act, the first licensed recreational cannabis wasn’t sold here until April 1, 2022. Once a cannabis desert, a state with a population of just over 2 million people now has more dispensaries than Colorado or Oregon had during their first year of legalization! With 476 licensed dispensaries to choose from, you may need some direction on finding the best dispensaries in New Mexico. No worries—we’ve got you covered! We took out the guesswork and compiled this list of the best dispensaries in Albuquerque and beyond to make decision-making easy!

Everest Cannabis Co. 

Everest Cannabis Co. is rated as one of the best dispensaries in Albuquerque with 4.8 on Google reviews. Located in the heart of the North Valley, this dispensary began selling medical cannabis in 2016, and today offers both medical and recreational sales. ​​Everest Cannabis Co. is a locally owned and operated New Mexico company investing in its community.

PurLife Dispensary

With locations throughout New Mexico, PurLife Dispensaries offer regular discounts and deals, including a one cent preroll for first-time customers. PurLife “trusts in the life-changing effects of medical marijuana and believes that by supplying quality cannabis,” they can inspire and advocate for healthier living.

Verdes Cannabis 

Verdes Cannabis believes in “plants, people and wellness.” They are farmers first and remain family-owned and operated. This New Mexico dispensary has locations in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Santa Fe. In operation since 2010, Verdes Cannabis is one of the oldest and well-respected dispensaries in New Mexico. 

Urban Wellness

“Top tier cannabis at great prices,” Urban Wellness is a locally owned Albuquerque dispensary with solid reviews. They also support medical patients, offering a more than 19% discount on medical purchases. If you’re searching for handcrafted, carefully cured and pesticide-free cannabis, you’ve found your store! 

High Desert Relief Dispensary 

Proudly serving New Mexico, High Desert Relief is operated by passionate, like-minded individuals who believe in a patient’s right to choose gentle and effective medicine. High Desert Relief is locally owned and operated, has great reviews, and offers three locations in New Mexico. 

R. Greenleaf

Greenleaf is a medical and recreational dispensary with locations throughout Albuquerque and the greater New Mexico area. R Greenleaf has an impressive product selection, loyalty programs, and offers medical cannabis recommendation services too! They’re truly a one-stop shop. 

Sacred Garden Dispensary

Rated one of the best dispensaries in Albuquerque, Sacred Garden was founded with the mission to bring high-quality medical cannabis products to those in need of natural pain relief and healing in New Mexico.They founded back in 2010 and continue to bring quality cannabis to consumers today. With two locations in Albuquerque proper, they make it easy to buy good cannabis!


The mission of GrassRoots is to produce and supply patients with the finest all-natural medical cannabis while giving back to the community through charitable outreach. Like many of the other dispensaries in this list, GrassRoots proudly serves both medical and recreational cannabis consumers at three dispensaries in Albuquerque. GrassRoots Corporation also produces new and organic strains available at dispensaries. 

Green Goods

Green Goods carefully produces the finest cannabis products and makes them available at their four New Mexico locations. Green Goods serves both medical and adult use consumers, has a loyalty program and supports expungement for those with cannabis-related records. Fun fact: Green Good’s founder is a board-certified emergency medicine physician! 

Minerva Canna

With dispensaries in the Southside and Westside of ABQ, Minerva Canna believes nature provides the best medicine! They pride themselves on being a dispensary that cares and are committed to providing the best quality products on the market! 

Canvas Organics

Canvas Organics, a premier adult-use cannabis retail experience, is dedicated to “meeting every high expectation” of enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Canvas Organics is committed to providing the best quality products, with the widest variety of options at affordable prices, making the integration of cannabis into your lifestyle easy and accessible. 

If you decide to check out any of the best dispensaries in Albuquerque and in New Mexico, be sure to leave reviews. Reviews help small businesses understand what buyers think and help them connect with new customers like you.

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Photo: North Valley Dispensary

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