5 Reasons to Attend a Cannabis Expo in Virginia

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Virginia possesses a rich history – from its early days as a colonial settlement and a strategic location during the Civil War, this capital city has an ever-changing landscape. Today, it’s a thriving hub for culture, shopping, outdoor adventures and…cannabis. Virginia passed adult-use cannabis legalization earlier this year and with this legislation, flocks of cannabis connoisseurs and the cannabis curious alike are venturing out to explore this burgeoning marketplace. One way to dip your toes into the scene is to attend a Virginia cannabis expo. Marijuana events in Virginia like CannaCon are professional conferences that provide educational, commercial and professional value to anyone inside the industry or looking to get involved with cannabis. Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss CannaCon” the top Virginia weed conference! 

1. New Laws

Since Virginia legalized adult-use cannabis on April 7 2021, there has been a lot of buzz within the East Coast cannabis community. The legislation prioritizes social equity, public health and public safety and lays out a three-year process to legalize cannabis and create a regulatory framework for the sale of the product. In July of 2021, authorization of new state authority to regulate the industry, the legalization of simple possession and home cultivation for adults 21 years and over. These laws are the gateway for the newly minted cannabis marketplace in Virginia.

2. Emerging Markets

The sale of products to adults for recreational purposes will begin in 2024. This means that those looking to break into the Virginia market have less than 3 years to get the ball rolling, learn as much as possible and make connections within the space. A Virginia cannabis expo is the perfect place to get your head in the game and create a strategy to enter the market. Dispensaries aren’t the only relevant businesses in cannabis. Product accessories for consumers, home growers, legal professionals, business analysts, accountants and everyone in between will be able to get involved in the Virginia cannabis market.

3. Professional Opportunities

As the industry solidifies itself in the state of Virginia, small businesses are popping up all over the state to fulfill the needs of cannabis consumers. Businesses focusing on home-grow materials, packaging needs, marketing and branding, telemedicine and more are opening their doors to this newly established marketplace. The way that Virginia has set up licensing opens up the potential for small businesses, so many people who are looking to jump into the industry have the opportunity now. A Virginia marijuana event seems like the golden ticket for rooting oneself into the community and laying the groundwork for a profitable professional opportunity in the cannabis sector.

4. Insider’s Scoop on Products

Where is it possible to see the full scope of a state’s products in one location? At a Virginia weed conference! Regardless of whether or not you’re starting your own D2C or B2B business plan, it’s beneficial to fully understand the marketplace by familiarizing yourself with the diverse product landscape. It also allows you to understand if there are any gaps in the market that need to be filled and could spark inspiration for future business plans or partnerships.

5. Networking

The opportunity to meet other cannabis industry professionals at the CannaCon Virginia weed conference is probably one of the most valuable aspects of attending a marijuana event. At the expo, attendees and vendors will be exposed to a large, cannabis-friendly audience. Since oftentimes people attend expos from far and wide, there’s an opportunity to meet individuals that would otherwise require distant travel. Staying in touch with the cannabis community and being able to chat one-to-one with attendees is the best way to begin developing relationships in the Virginia cannabis space. It’s easy to follow up with qualified leads when you’ve already met and it mitigates the risk of an awkward cold call.

Overall, if you’re considering attending a Virginia cannabis expo, the benefits are endless; If you are seeking partnerships, business and career advice, investors or funding, career connections, new products and services or simply to begin networking with industry peers, CannaCon in Virginia is the place to do it all.



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    I am wondering if we should attend.

    I have 2 questions

    1. Is this a retailer event?
    2. Can I meet people to help with legalization and licensing?


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