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Learn from Top Cannabis Leaders this week at CannaCon Northeast

CannaCon has become known for attracting the best and brightest in the cannabis industry to educate attendees on all aspects of marijuana businesses. From cultivation to legal to financial and more, cannabis business leaders throughout the United States flock to CannaCon to help grow this new massive industry through cannabis business seminars, cannabis production seminars, after-parties and more. Cannabis experts…

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Springfield city guide

Springfield City Guide

Attending CannaCon Northwest 2019? Use the following Springfield city guide when planning your trip. The word “Springfield” most often brings to mind the town in which the animated characters of “The Simpsons” live, but today we are talking about a different and non-fictional Springfield. As the third-largest city in Massachusetts and fourth-largest city in all of New England, Springfield is…

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Cannabis Business Licensing in Arizona | Arizona Cannabis Business Licensing | Cannabis Business Licensing in New Mexico | Cannabis Business Licensing in Colorado | Cannabis Business Licensing in Utah

The State of Cannabis Legislation & Licensing: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah

Below is a compiled listing of marijuana legislation and cannabis business licensing in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. Vertical growing is a growing trend within the cannabis industry. This practice of producing plants in vertically stacked layers or vertically inclined surfaces previously hit a particular roadblock of distance required between plants and high-pressure sodium lights (HPS) pertaining to heat…

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transporting cannabis | transport cannabis | transporting marijuana | transport marijuana

The Ins and Outs of Transporting Cannabis

**Legal Disclaimer: This information in this article is not intended to be used as legal advice. We recommend that you seek the advice of a qualified attorney or legal representative in your state prior to transporting cannabis.** As marijuana becomes legalized across the U.S. for both medicinal and (in some states) recreational purposes, it is important to discuss the possible…

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Cannabis Business Licensing in Nevada | Nevada Cannabis Business Licensing | Cannabis Business Licensing in Wyoming | Cannabis Business Licensing in Idaho | Cannabis Business Licensing in Montana

The State of Cannabis Legislation & Licensing in Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada and Montana

Recently, members of the UK parliament (MPs) visited Canada for an exploratory review of their expanding legal marijuana industry. The resulting tone was one of enthusiasm, with one MP noting the UK could shake off cannabis prohibition within a year. Medical marijuana has been legal in Great Britain since November 2018 but the country still harbors intense stigma against the…

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cannabis business licensing in Washington | cannabis business licensing in Oregon | cannabis business licensing in California

The State of Cannabis Legislation & Licensing: Washington, Oregon, California

The following is a list of marijuana legislation and cannabis business licensing in Washington, Oregon, and California, as of January 7, 2020.  Firsts are ever-present in the cannabis world but a new proposal in California includes furry friends. The bill would allow veterinarians to recommend medical cannabis products for pets, furthering last year’s state regulators recognition of cannabis in veterinary…

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cannabis business license | cannabis business application | cannabis business

Things to Know Before Applying for Your Cannabis Business License

You’ve decided to start your own cannabis business. Good for you. Not only is the cannabis industry relatively new, making it a great option for new business owners, but it’s also a valuable resource for its customers. Owning your own business is far better than working for someone else any day so be proud of yourself for taking a big…

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cannabis business licensing in arkansas | arkansas cannabis business licensing | cannabis business licensing in louisiana | cannabis business licensing in oklahoma | cannabis business licensing in texas

The State of Cannabis Legislation & Licensing: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas

PBS recently released a series under their News Hour segment entitled “The Green Rush” which is a review of the cannabis industry in the United States, including legalization, attitudes, and benefits plus challenges. The insight provided includes information from researchers, experts, and financial analysts and focuses on the latest wave of cannabis legalization. The following is a compiled listing of…

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cannabis social media | marketing your cannabis businesses on social media | cannabis business marketing

How to Market Your Cannabis Business on Social Media

Cannabis entrepreneurs encounter extra challenges when it comes to cannabis business marketing on social media. Cannabis social media platforms must follow federal and international laws, which can sometimes conflict with each other and local and state regulations. As a cannabis business owner, it’s important to focus on the details when marketing your cannabis business on social media. Social Media Platforms…

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