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endocannabinoid system

The Amazing Endocannabinoid System

The Amazing Endocannabinoid System The Endocannabinoid system (ECS) was discovered by Dr Raphael Mechoulam, considered to be the father of cannabis based medicines. What’s most amazing is that the ECS is now considered to be the largest network of receptors in the human body. The discovery of the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) is arguably the greatest health discovery of modern times.…

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cannabis taxation

280E – the Complexity of Cannabis Taxation

The 280E and the Complexity of Cannabis Taxation. Federal tax law as it regards the cannabis industry typically hinges on one relatively simple, extremely simplistic Internal Revenue Code (IRC) – 280E. This law effectively removes from cannabis businesses the standard tax deductions and credits that are the foundation of small business success in the United States. Specifically, any taxes paid…

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undiluted terpenes

Terpenes: The Molecules Behind the Magic

For cannabis enthusiasts, sharing and comparing favorite strains is nearly as central to enjoying the lifestyle as discovering a new path to an idyllic cognitive or physical high. Many know their favorite strain by its colorful name, a preferred grower and/or simple terms like indica or sativa, but few understand the true science behind what gives life to the pure…

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therapeutic properties of terpenes | legal weed

Facts About Legal Weed We Did Not Know

It turns out smoking trees is more profitable than cutting them down. The first government report on employment in our state’s legal weed economy found that more than twice as many people work in the legal pot industry than work in the lumber industry. The report, conducted by the Washington State Institute for Public Policy (WSIPP), found that more than…

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Cannabis for Mental Health | mental health benefits of cannabis | marijuana law

Massachusetts Lawmakers Reach Marijuana Law Deal

BOSTON (AP) — An agreement between House and Senate negotiators on changes to the state’s voter-approved marijuana law will allow for a tax of up to 20 percent on retail pot sales. Highlights of the deal were released Monday by the office of Sen. Patricia Jehlen, co-chair of a conference committee that spent several weeks trying to resolve differences between…

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boston cannabis expo

Reasons to Attend Boston Cannabis Expo

For those who are not sleeping under a rock, you know we have been running our Five Reasons to Attend Boston Cannabis Expo (aka CannaCon) contest all week. Throughout the week we have been giving John Q public a chance to win some great prizes/giveaways just for purchasing a general admission ticket to CannaCon, the first Boston cannabis expo. We…

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Massachusetts recreational marijuana

MAP: Find out what Massachusetts towns will or won’t allow recreational marijuana

Town-by-town, city-by-city residents are deciding if they want to be able to drive to the corner store to buy recreational marijuana in Massachusetts. State officials delayed the implementation of the law legalizing the recreational marijuana industry until July 2018, but residents in many towns and cities are voting this spring and summer to delay local implementation even longer. As of…

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CannaCon Boston | Boston City Guide

Why Attend CannaCon Boston?

If there are any lingering doubts about the emergence of cannabis into the mainstream, it’s time to put them to rest, forever. CannaCon—the nation’s preeminent cannabis industry convention—is gearing up for its biggest, brightest and best event to date, settling in Boston’s historic Back Bay district for three days beginning July 13, 2017. No doubt, CannaCon will be a fun…

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cannabis business cash | Cannabis Banking

Cashing In On Cannabis: CannaCon’s Banking Panel

Since Washington state legalized recreational marijuana in 2014, recreational cannabis sales have totaled over $1 billion, translating to more than $250 million collected in new taxes. Such substantial sales, however, have also brought problems for licensees in the form of cash. Because of marijuana’s federal status as a Schedule I substance, financial institutions continue to deny cannabis banking services to state licensed…

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