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cannabinoids and terpenes

The Difference between Cannabinoids and Terpenes (and why it’s important to know)

Each industry is accompanied by a unique set of terminology. Often cited in cannabis news, discussion, cultivation, and retail are terpenes and cannabinoids. The definition of these terms is highlighted here, as well as their importance to marijuana and connection to each other. Interest in these compounds grows daily: in early 2019, the federal government announced plans to award $1.5 million…

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cannabis packaging tips | packaging cannabis products | branding of cannabis packaging

Cannabis Packaging Tips to Increase Your Business Success

Now that cannabis products are fueling big businesses, plastic baggies just don’t cut it anymore. Businesses have to design effective cannabis packaging, and the process is more complicated than it is for less controversial products.  The packaging of cannabis products has several different jobs. The design and logo must grab a customer’s eye, and the package should provide all of…

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misconceptions about cod | cbd education

5 Common Misconceptions about CBD

Separating the terminology, legality, and benefits between CBD and cannabis is no small task. Storefronts and online ads advertise constantly and yet questions formulate and evolve without resolution. To further the gap, there is often a disconnect between those in the industry and the curious public. Below are five common misconceptions about CBD and some facts to help you in…

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what happens at cannabis events | Oklahoma cannabis convention | CannaCon event

10 Reasons to Attend a CannaCon Event in Your Area

As Cannabis grows in popularity, so does the need for information about the industry, its products, technology and legalities. And let’s not forget about the business of producing, marketing, selling, and operations. But what happens at cannabis events? Check out these 10 reasons you should attend a CannaCon event in your area. (Why not register for our Oklahoma cannabis convention…

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cannabis business values | hiring first cannabis employee | cannabis employee

Fit Matters – Things to Consider when Hiring Your First Cannabis Employee

Ready to hire your FIRST cannabis employee – but not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we have you covered. When it comes to the cannabis industry, we understand your first employee may not fall within the same ‘wants’ or ‘needs’ as a retail clothing employee and have tips to help you succeed. You need to consider age, education, and…

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ne cannabis trade show | cannabis networking event | cannabis business owners

How to Use Networking Events To Your Advantage

In today’s business world, networking events are critical in helping cannabis business owners make sales. If you haven’t had the opportunity to participate in a cannabis networking event, you might be wondering why they even matter and how you can use those gatherings to your advantage.  How to Use Cannabis Networking Events to Your Advantage The key to great sales…

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marijuana pipe | cannabis pipe | pot pipe

Marijuana Pipes 101: The Basics of Style and Material

As marijuana becomes legalized across the United States, we want to help you understand the options, styles, durability and materials available in marijuana pipes. Marijuana Pipes 101: The Basics of Style and Material There are so many types and styles of cannabis pipes on the market today. One thing is for certain, some pipes are simple in structure and others are…

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cannabis policies in Pennsylvania | national cannabis industry association | ncia | cannabis businesses

What Is the National Cannabis Industry Association?

The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) is the largest national trade organization in the legal cannabis industry with a focus on assisting cannabis businesses. In 2010, marijuana policy reform leaders Aaron Smith and Steve Fox founded the NCIA following the 2009 release of the Ogden Memo.  In the Ogden Memo, the Justice Department directed its prosecutors not to prosecute caregivers…

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cannacon northeast 2019

Live from CannaCon Northeast in Springfield, Mass.

Another CannaCon, another crop of newcomers educated and excited to join the budding cannabis industry. CannaCon Northeast 2019 drew crowds from Massachusetts, New York, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut and throughout the New England region. The 2019 CannaCon Northeast conference was held in Springfield this year in an effort to be more central to all New England states, and we must…

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