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california compassionate cannabis

Compassionate Cannabis is Back in California, Finally.

Compassionate care programs flourished for decades in the historically green state of California, but recreational use laws enacted in 2016 all but buried the long standing tradition. Thankfully activists and a few legislators rallied long enough to pass another version of compassionate care in California, Senate Bill 34, in late 2019. This post explores the origins and hurdles to compassionate…

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cannabis drop

Meet 3 Women Surviving and Thriving in the CBD Industry

Women of all kinds are calling upon CBD for hope and healing, and for some, CBD offers a path toward entrepreneurship. Despite being designed, marketed and branded nearly solely to women, there’s an alarming lack of data found on women-owned CBD businesses. However, with CBD estimated to reach $3.5 billion in sales in 2021, women who started a CBD business…

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illinois cannabis violence prevention

Illinois Fights Violence with Cannabis (and Other Positive Impacts)

The financial impacts of legalization have been long theorized and quickly proven. Other societal benefits have not always been easy to predict but some states that have passed laws allowing for medical and recreational cannabis are demonstrating what good can come from ending cannabis prohibition. Illinois, for example, is a leader in utilizing taxes to improve its communities. Now, Illinois…

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growing jim belushi

Jim Belushi Takes the Stage at CannaCon OKC

Jim Belushi is so much more than just a comedian and actor. He is also a strong supporter of the cannabis industry and has recently embraced the industry even further with his own cannabis business. Now, he is combining his love for the cannabis industry with his experience in entertainment through his new show, Growing Belushi. Jim recently made an…

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minnesota medical cannabis law

What Minnesota’s Medical Marijuana Laws are Changing?

May was a merry, merry month for Minnesota’s card-carrying medical cannabis patients aged 21 and older, as the approval of smokable flower passed into law as part of a larger health bill. Although the Minnesota medical cannabis law change will most likely not go into effect for seven months, it is welcomed as an option that is more affordable and…

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washington drug laws | decriminalization

Drug Possession in Washington is a Crime…Again

It’s been a long, confusing ride for drug decriminalization in Washington state. And that’s just in 2021! Beginning in February the Washington State Supreme Court made a landmark 5-4 ruling declaring that the state’s current drug laws were unconstitutional, which meant that law enforcement officers would no longer arrest or prosecute strictly for simple drug possession in the state of…

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texas cannabis laws

When Will Cannabis Be Legal in Texas?

Legislation in the Lone Star State is many things but swift to update Texas cannabis laws is not one of those descriptions. Widely pinpointed as the originating spot of cannabis prohibition in the United States, El Paso, Texas saw this movement begin in 1915 as a government-led exertion of social control over immigrant workers from Mexico, who had brought across…

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organic standards for clean tested cannabis

Organic Standards Progress Report

In 2020, we reported on states that were establishing organic standards for cannabis production. These cannabis standards help ensure clean, tested cannabis and can also help mitigate the risks that come with a growing (and sometimes unregulated) cannabis production industry. The standards are still not widespread, but the movement is growing. While states like Washington and California were previously working…

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Meeting Michigan Growers at CannaCon Detroit, 2021

Three Secrets that Every Commercial Grower Should Know

1) Don’t Be Fooled: High Wattage Lighting We have all seen advertisements from LED Lighting Manufacturers boasting about their high wattage fixtures or high light output fixtures. They advise growers to hang the light further away to “increase the canopy area” and get the job done with fewer fixtures. These recommendations are reflective of an outdated and inefficient approach, and…

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