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essential nutrients for cannabis growth

Essential Nutrients for Cannabis Growth

Like all plants, cannabis has specific requirements to achieve its most successful levels of growth and production. For recreational and commercial growers alike, the consistent introduction of essential nutrients for cannabis growth – during each phase of plants’ life cycles – is necessary to produce a successful and repeatable crop. Essential Nutrients for Growing Cannabis Plants Essential nutrients are divided…

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aGROair | marijuana events

Anatomy of a Washdown Duty Stainless Steel Air Circulator

So we caught your attention with “anatomy”! Sorry but from our point of view the anatomy / construction is nearly important as the anatomy of some other things! Why should you care? Because knowing how a Stainless Steel Washdown Air Circulator is built will give you the basis to decide if one is right for you. At right is an…

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What is “washdown duty” and why should I want to have it?

What is “washdown duty” and why should I want to have it? “Washdown Duty” is a term used primarily by the electric motor and power transmission industry to indicate that a machine is designed for a high level of protection against the effects of water. Washdown duty motors and other equipment were created to meet the needs of the baking…

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Water Treatment Solutions for your Cannabis Greenhouse

Major water quality considerations and ways to treat your water for optimal greenhouse production. When it comes to irrigation, cannabis cultivators get their water from a variety of sources. Whether it’s well, surface, or municipal water, it’s important to have a water treatment system in place to ensure optimal plant growth. If you’re reading this, you may be wondering if…

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cannabis event cancellations

Cannabis and Event Cancellations: Ways to Stay Safe and Engaged

The global concern for the novice yet devastating virus known as COVID-19, or the Coronavirus, has knocked us all on our collective butts. Disrupting supply chains and causing major cannabis event cancellations, the cannabis industry, like the rest of the world, was not ready for this crisis.  From SXSW to CannaCon Detroit, if you were looking forward to it in…

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By Bill Gunnison, Simplifya Managing compliance for a business in a highly regulated industry, like cannabis, can seem overwhelming. You have to manage onerous requirements for recordkeeping, reporting, inventory tracking, testing, packaging and labeling, and security systems. The list goes on. You also have to verify that every employee of the company is following the rules, which frequently change. It…

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Is cash at your dispensary becoming too much of a distraction?

Is cash at your dispensary becoming too much of a distraction? Using automation and cash recyclers to improve efficiency and the customer experience. As cannabis sales skyrocket, and legalization movements continue to gain serious support, one thing remains clear when it comes to most dispensaries…cash is still king, and inefficient cash operations are almost a guarantee. Most dispensary managers spend…

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How To Protect Hemp Plants From Deer Browsing.

By Jennifer Smith, Deerbusters Deer Fence With the arrival of spring, outdoor hemp cultivators are excited to begin planting hemp seeds. Like other types of agriculturists, hemp growers face concerns about how they can protect their cash crop from deer browsing – after all, spring is prime season for deer movement; and they are hungry to eat all sorts of…

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Eliminating Microbials in Marijuana

Eliminating Microbials in Marijuana If you’re in the cannabis industry, then it’s likely that microbial testing is a common term in your vocabulary. Specifically, testing for microbials in marijuana refers to the identification and restriction of dangerous microorganisms, such as pathogens, bacteria, yeast, E.coli, Aspergillus, and their byproducts. Like any agricultural product, cannabis is susceptible to microorganisms that could potentially…

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