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DaySavers stoner dream job will pay you to smoke weed

Calling all stoners – are you ready to find your dream job? You’re in luck. DaySavers recently launched their search for a cannabis content creator who will get paid to light up and test cannabis accessories. The job is being dubbed the “Ultimate Stoner Dream Job” and comes with a cool $70,420 annual salary plus exclusive opportunities to attend cannabis…

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CannaCon’s OKC Guide: 10 Absolutely Surprising Reasons to Visit Oklahoma City

The people of Oklahoma City welcome everyone with open arms. There’s a reason OKC is nicknamed “The Big Friendly,” afterall. And as home to CannaCon South expo in April, there are more reasons to visit Oklahoma City than ever this spring. While attending CannaCon is obviously top of the list for those looking to expand their cannabis business social networks,…

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Why are Cannabis Edibles So Popular?

One of the best things about cannabis is the variety of ways it can be consumed. Smoking and vaping are not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, and the exploding cannabis edibles market shows just how interested people are in trying a creative range of products. Read on to get the latest updates on the cannabis edibles market, which is drawing…

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How to Use Networking Events To Your Advantage

In today’s business world, it is imperative to attend networking events. That’s a given. But it takes more than just showing up to a cannabis networking event to experience benefits. To be a successful cannabis business owner, you have to know how to use them to your advantage. Understanding why these events are so important and how to get the…

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Top 8 Cannabis Social Networking Websites in 2024

Marijuana social media is on the rise as the cannabis industry continues to take root. Cannabis business social network platforms dedicated to cannabis businesses provide invaluable opportunities for sharing, collaboration and communication among like-minded enthusiasts and professionals. These platforms foster safe, niche environments for weed social networking, strengthening connections between producers and consumers and propelling the industry forward. Let’s get…

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cannabis consumption lounge

Embracing Cannabis Consumption Lounges

As legalized adult-use cannabis spreads across the nation, it has never been easier to purchase and enjoy this popular plant. However, the next challenge for many is finding a place to enjoy it outside the home. For public cannabis consumption, the name “consumption lounge” has taken hold, especially in legal terms, and states are establishing rules for these types of…

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Texas Challenges Voter-Approved Cannabis Decriminalization: Legal Battle Ensues

In a move that has stirred controversy and raised questions about the balance between state and local governance, Texas has taken legal action against several cities that have implemented voter-approved cannabis decriminalization policies. This clash between state and municipal authorities highlights the ongoing debate surrounding marijuana legalization and the extent to which states can regulate or override local initiatives. Texas…

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What’s Going on with New York Cannabis in 2024?

New York cannabis regulators at the state Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) and its Cannabis Control Board are facing each other in a line of lawsuits designed to restrict the further issuing of recreational licenses. Variscite New York Four and Variscite New York Five are arguing that the state’s retail licensing program violates the U.S. Constitution’s dormant commerce clause. This…

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Is Cannabis Legal in Oklahoma Yet?

News pertaining to the Oklahoma cannabis industry has been relatively slow after voters rejected adult-use legalization in March 2023. However, some updates to Oklahoma cannabis law have occurred since then. Moratorium Extension and Fewer Active Licenses The state officially extended its moratorium on new medical cannabis licenses until 2026 in an effort to work through pending licensing reviews, inspections and…

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