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Danksgiving Recipes to Elevate Your Holiday

The season of giving is here, and it’s time to start creating that ideal experience for the inevitable holiday congregation. We live in a beautiful time of weed legalization and acceptance in many states throughout the country, and with that comes the opportunity for a true Danksgiving feast! Check out some cannabis Thanksgiving recipes to help you curate exactly the…

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Best Cities for Weed Experiences

Out go the vineyards, in come the cannabis farm tours. 2022 is the year weed tourism truly arrived. From smoke centric ‘airbnb’ style offerings (hello Bud and Breakfast), to European coffee shops, canna-festivals and infused foodie getaways, this young market is booming — to the tune of $17 billion! So, where can you get away and simultaneously enjoy the high life?…

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Vermont Cannabis Laws to Ban Plastic Packaging

Recreational sales in Vermont began Oct. 1, and those first customers inside may have noticed something different from cannabis purchases in other states: Vermont cannabis laws require cannabis products to be sold in glass, metal or cardboard containers. In an industry where radical ideas present themselves every day, Vermont’s decision to ban plastic packaging is drawing extra attention. Kyle Harris,…

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new drug testing law, california drug testing laws, pre-employment drug testing, california drug testing laws for employers

States Changing the Rules for Employee Drug Testing

Legalization has far reaching effects. An example that becomes more and more prevalent is how medical and recreational legalization connects to workplace drug testing. Policies vary by industry, ranging from solely testing after an incident to regularly scheduled sampling to pre-employment drug testing. States that have legalized must consider this aspect, and clear guidelines for businesses streamline the evolution of…

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High Fashion for High People: Latest Cannabis Fashion & Accessories

Cannabis has infiltrated many industries in its years of legalization, from science to medicine, business, technology, events and even food. It was only a matter of time until the fashion industry started seeing green — and we are loving it. This widely growing subculture of high fashion for high people is increasing the exposure of cannabis culture in everyday streetwear.…

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What is Bud for Blood?

Many in the cannabis community have shown a formidable dedication to social causes. From previous cannabis conviction expungements to compassionate cannabis donations to patients in need, when there is a social issue that needs support, we show up. The first-of-its-kind national blood shortage 2022 crisis is no different. Earlier this year The American Red Cross declared a crisis-level blood shortage…

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Best Places for Stoners to Live: 5 Cannabis-Friendly Cities

Americans love cannabis. This is clear as cannabis friendly states make up nearly half of the United States. According to Politico, one in three Americans live where recreational marijuana is legal. This isn’t the only data pointing to America’s approval of cannabis – it appears marijuana legalization actually increases home prices. A new cannabis study published by Marijuana Moment noted…

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Virginia Preps for Legal Cannabis Sales

Hemp and the state of Virginia have a long history. From the beginning, nearly every arriving ship had marijuana seeds for Virginia on board. Jamestown records reflect the popularity of this crop, mainly due to its versatility around a working farm. In 1619, the order to grow hemp was announced there; it became as good as currency and taxes were…

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Are cannabis union formations on the rise?

Unions in the workplace is a trending topic in the news right now, and this does not exclude the cannabis industry. The last CannaCon post on this topic from late December 2020 covered the Cannabis Workers Union and others — a lot has happened since then. An August 2021 Gallup poll revealed support for labor unions is at the highest…

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