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cannabis for anxiety

Tips to Reduce Anxiety and Get Some Sleep | Try Cannabis for Anxiety

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety is the number one mental health condition plaguing Americans today. It affects some 18% of adults, which equates to about 40 million Americans. That number may even be higher due to people either not knowing that they have the condition or not seeking treatment. Anxiety can make getting to sleep and…

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marijuana retail pop-up shop

Planning a marijuana retail pop-up shop? 5 tips to make an impression that lasts

The pop-up shop has proven to be an effective way for traditional retailers to increase sales and attract new consumers. Because pop-up shops are typically up for short periods of time, ranging anywhere from one day to a few months, their temporary format allow retailers to create buzz, build awareness in new markets, and sell products faster than with a…

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reasons to visit oklahoma city | cannacon

10 Absolutely Surprising Reasons to Visit Oklahoma City

Many destinations come up often when U.S. travelers are looking for somewhere to go that’s different, offers a lot to do and has a tasty culinary scene. My bet is that Oklahoma City doesn’t come up very often in those conversations or reviews. In fact, when we mentioned to friends that we were going to OKC most looked at us…

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cannacon oklahoma city 2019

CannaCon Oklahoma City to be Largest Cannabis Expo State Has Ever Seen

CannaCon Oklahoma City to be Largest Cannabis Expo State Has Ever Seen March 25, 2019 OKLAHOMA CITY: Oklahoma’s medical marijuana industry is proving to be one of the fastest growing in the nation with The Marijuana Business Factbook projecting that Oklahoma’s medical marijuana market has the potential to generate $150 – $250 million a year once it matures. CannaCon South…

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canna-beverages | cannabis beverages

The Unique Challenges Cannabis Beverages Present the Industry

New Cannabis Markets Mean New Users Imagine walking into your local supermarket and picking up a six pack, but instead of beer or hard cider, you’re holding cannabis infused drinks, complete with THC content labels and highlights of specific terpenes listed on the packaging. This cannabis beverages reality may not be as far off as you think. As of March…

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cannabis packaging issues

6 Common Cannabis Packaging Issues – and How to Avoid Them

Cannabis Packaging Issues Today The cannabis packaging industry, as a whole, is facing unprecedented packaging demands. Rarely before has a product had so many uses or come in so many packaging formats. This creates several roadblocks when it comes to developing child-resistant packaging, catering to consumer needs and creating a safer market as the industry grows. Here are six common…

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terpene profiles in chocolates

Terpene Profiles in Chocolates

The 2019 CannaCon Seattle is coming soon! CannaCon and True Terpenes are partnering to share a recent study on altering terpene profiles in chocolates using new techniques. A group of researchers were reviewing and developing new techniques to process chocolate. They explain that chocolate production is a complicated process that is primarily done on industrial scale machinery. The scale required…

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unexpected ways to use cannabis

How Can A Cannabis Track and Trace System Impact the Cannabis Industry?

What is a Cannabis Track and Trace System? The relative novelty of the medical and recreational cannabis sectors has enabled regulators and companies within these spaces to harness new and effective product oversight and distribution strategies. States that have already legalized recreational sales have become great incubators for fresh thinking and concepts that could have applications not just around the…

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cannabis branding | cannabis socia media

Effective branding is one of the most valuable parts of any business

Without a doubt, effective branding is one of the most valuable parts of any business; cannabis or otherwise. Your brand represents not only how you see your company, but how others do as well. Your customers, your competition, and everyone in between knows and understands your company through the lens of your brand. You may have the best company in…

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