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virtual cannabis expo | virtual trade show | online cannabis show

The Virtual CannaCon Experience — Is the future virtual?

CannaCon held its first-ever virtual cannabis expo last week — Virtual CannaCon. As an answer to the pandemic, the virtual trade show brought together cannabis exhibitors and industry leaders on a virtual platform to educate and assist entrepreneurs entering the cannabis industry. Virtual CannaCon featured about 100 exhibitors from across the country. Through the use of graphics, videos, and downloadable brochures…

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abuse of power in cannabis | abuse of power

Abuse of Power in Cannabis

Some say that there’s another epidemic co-occurring alongside COVID-19: the abuse of power in cannabis. Commonly used in legal terms, Abuse of Power can also describe official misconduct in the growing, yet still highly puzzling, legal(ish) cannabis market.  Despite some form of medicinal or recreational legalization in 33 U.S. States, four U.S. territories and the District of Columbia, to date…

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cannabis legislation | legalization of cannabis

Top Newsworthy Cannabis Legislation

If your focus has drifted away from what is newsworthy in the world of cannabis legislation, you are not alone. Despite a worldwide pandemic,  things are moving along when it comes to laws by state for cannabis. Below is a year-to-date review of top moments in the legalization of cannabis. January At the start of 2020 in Mississippi, a business-friendly…

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social equity in cannabis | cannabis and social equity

Can Recent Uprisings Help Shift Conversations about Social Equity in Cannabis?

Unheard of concepts prior to legalization, conversations about social equity in cannabis may get a boost in the wake of recent racial-justice uprisings. Words like privilege, injustice and ‘Black Lives Matter’ are on newspapers, screens and tongues everywhere. Conversations about race and racial injustice are being had by the many and some wonder how we can use this time to…

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extraction process

Save Money and Time, Increase Quality: An intelligently designed extraction process is the answer for today’s extraction business

There are a few different technologies to extract your hemp or cannabis, and a multitude of ways to set up each process. It can get overwhelming fast. With a multitude of companies seeming to care only about the sale, and not about providing a solution for customer needs, it is incredibly important to do your research and/or hire an experienced…

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vape bans | cannabis vape | vape legislation

Status of Vape Bans Across the U.S.

Since the introduction of electronic cigarettes, or vape devices, to the United States in 2007, massive attention has been paid to its corresponding advancements, markets and impacts. Classifications were established on the federal level, and then most individual states moved to enact or are working to enact vape legislation. Below is the current information regarding hemp and cannabis vape bans…

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regulated cannabis sales

Oklahoma’s Regulated Cannabis Market is on Fire 

Oklahoma Sets a Record for Regulated Cannabis Sales in April and Beyond. Oklahoma’s Messy Relationship with Cannabis Like other states in the United States, and dating back to Prohibition, Oklahoma has had a messy relationship with cannabis. During the early thirties, Oklahoma state legislators outlawed cannabis Sativa use for any reason, thus criminalizing the possession or manufacturing of the plant…

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hemp and nicotine

Hemp and Nicotine: What You Need to Know

Hemp and nicotine: consider the following when you contemplate the best choice for your situation. The cannabis industry has long been a pioneer in the medical field and CV Sciences Inc.’s recent patent approval furthers that tradition. The hemp based product helps stave off nicotine cravings to combat smokeless tobacco addiction. The product helps put hemp back in the spotlight…

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cvault cannabis storage containers

Cultivators & Distributors all need CVaults

Hey, CannaCon fans! All of us here at FreshStor were looking forward to meeting you and getting the chance to introduce our amazing CVault storage containers! But then, suddenly — the world changed. And we’re unsure when we’ll have another opportunity to meet face-to-face and put our beautiful product directly into your hands. Major bummer. Luckily, our good friends at…

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