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The Importance of Building a Consistent Cannabis Brand

The Apex Trading team has been in the B2B cannabis industry since 2014. That was when the first recreational cannabis market came online in Colorado. Today, there are now 11 states with adult use or recreational cannabis and 33 states with medical marijuana. We’ve had a front row seat to watch the expansion and maturation of wholesale cannabis that’s taken…

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5 Resources to Help Your Cannabis Brand Grow Through Scalable Digital Marketing 

 Nothing that is worthwhile is ever easy. Small businesses owners know this all too well, and in the cannabis industry – they wrote the book. When it comes to marketing, your brand should employ the type of scalable solutions that come easily. Naturally even. You don’t have the time or budget for anything else!  Scalable digital marketing is a practice…

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Social Distancing Sales: Delivery, Drive-thru, and Pickup

As you may have heard in the news, governments whose stay-at-home orders shuttered millions of businesses nationwide have largely exempted cannabis operators from suffering a similar fate. While some people have expressed skepticism, cannabis is an essential need for millions of patients, whether they have a card or have to rely on recreational/adult-use sources to acquire their medicine. But consumers…

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mental health and cannabis use

3 Groups Changing the Conversation About Cannabis and Mental Health

Across borders and cultures, mental health and cannabis use top the list of topics we just don’t talk about. At least historically, that is. Highly stigmatized for a variety of social and cultural reasons, the negativity attached to discussing one’s mental health struggles or cannabis consumption seems to finally be coming to an end. Thankfully and simultaneously.  Unless you grew…

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Commercial Cannabis Production Costs: What’s Included in the Cost to Produce a Pound of Flower?

By Christian Phelps, Director of Operations, and Rich Cardinal, Managing Director of Next Big Crop Read a few articles about the cannabis industry and you will inevitably encounter a bold statement about how it’s going to be worth tens of billions, if not hundreds of billions annually. For business owners and investors, how much of that revenue ends up in…

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proper curing technique | growing superior quality cannabis

Growing Superior Cannabis: The Importance and Proper Technique of Curing

Now more than ever, there are those who want to put their love of cannabis and their passion for gardening and DIY projects together in order to place the power and pleasure back in their own hands, and grow their own product. Maybe it’s for personal use. Maybe it’s to share. But in any case, everyone wants to know the secret…

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Automated Cannabis Cultivation Systems are Essential During a Crisis

By Aaron Mullins, Systems Coordinator, Next Big Crop The coronavirus crisis is, among many things, a stark reminder that you always need a plan B. It is also proof that you can have a perfectly solid cultivation business upended by factors completely out of your control, such as public health crises, global supply-chain disruptions and widespread economic volatility. As the…

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Prepared for Crisis and Resilience

During this challenging time, keeping up an open, honest dialogue is key. It’s this dialog that is an opportunity for organizations to share what they know, the impact to their staff members, and the impact to their customers / clients. We are co-developing a shared experience that seeks to connect us. As the COVID-19 situation continues to impact businesses across…

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cannabis minority groups

Cannabis and It’s Visibility Issue: Ensuring Minorities are Included in the Conversation

In a nation with an increasingly diverse demographic, visibility for cannabis minority groups is an issue as old as the country herself. The state of being seen, or visible is a new topic of conversation around a plant once deemed illicit, illegal, or a gateway drug. Through media, activism, advocacy, reinvestment, expungement initiatives, and even dance parties these groups are…

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