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The Best Cannabis Cultivation Books, Reviewed

In our current world, where everything is digital and whatever you need can be found online, there is still something to be said for turning off electronics, limiting screen time and getting back to the basics. Cannabis aficionados love papers for rolling — but what about for reading? There are so many great books about cannabis to grace your coffee…

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The State of Cannabis Legislation & Licensing: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas [2023]

Although the southern United States is not known for favoring recreational cannabis legalization, medical programs in the South have been gaining traction. With each year of consideration and action, state legalization and licensing evolve. Below is updated information about cannabis business licensing in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. Cannabis Business Licensing in Arkansas On the first of August 2023, a…

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The State of Cannabis Legislation & Licensing: New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut [2023]

States across the country continually update their cannabis legislation and cannabis business licensing. Let’s check in on the current state of cannabis business licensing in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Connecticut and the latest news from within their borders. Cannabis Business Licensing in New York At the end of August 2023, a New York Supreme Court judge reversed…

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texas cannabis laws

When will cannabis be legal in Texas? [2023]

A 2023 poll shows 83 percent of Texans support medical cannabis and 60 percent support full legalization. However, due to an absent process for citizen-initiated measures, Texas must rely on its lawmakers to legalize cannabis. Currently, there are only four states with more stringent laws regarding cannabis than Texas. Further, there are only seven states total that only allow CBD…

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Cannabis Business Licensing in Nevada | Nevada Cannabis Business Licensing | Cannabis Business Licensing in Wyoming | Cannabis Business Licensing in Idaho | Cannabis Business Licensing in Montana

The State of Cannabis Legislation & Licensing in Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Wyoming [2023]

Licensing and legislation for each state’s cannabis market are in constant motion. As laws, ordinances and business licenses evolve, it is imperative for those in the industry to maintain the most current knowledge in order to expand their commercial endeavors legally. Below are updated license opportunities and cannabis laws for the states of Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Wyoming. Cannabis legislation…

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Best Cities for Weed Experiences [2023]

The best time of year to vacate your usual surroundings and enjoy some travel is whenever you can get away! Whether you are the type to chase adventure or seek out rest and relaxation, this is the season when most folks finally have the time and freedom to venture from their homes in an effort to enjoy themselves. People often…

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While You’re in Town, Explore these Fun Things To Do in Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California is more than just one of the greatest year-round vacation destinations in the US, with a daily temperature averaging a delicious 74 degrees; it’s also the home to the next CannaCon West Expo. Grab your tickets for CannaCon West Aug. 4-5. Hopefully, you’re a smart cookie who has already made use of the early bird pricing and…

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10 Best Cannabis Strains of 2023

It’s hard to believe we are already halfway through the summer, but with more states legalizing cannabis, this year is more exciting than ever to explore the top cannabis strains! There are so many new cultivars and genetics to be discovered, but what makes each one qualified to be called the best? For each of these cultivars, it comes down…

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Meet your Higher Self: Our Guide to Combining Cannabis and Spirituality

The intersection of cannabis and spirituality is a fascinating subject. For ages, this very intersection has captivated countless minds and driven people across the globe to explore it. There is evidence of cannabis spiritual practices dating back to 1500 BCE. Today, while many use cannabis strictly recreationally or to relieve physical pain, others have discovered the unique connection between cannabis…

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