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Why are Cannabis Edibles So Popular?

Cannabis is big business. In the United States, the market value of the cannabis industry is projected to reach an annual $30 billion by 2025. And what area has seen the biggest growth as of late? Cannabis edibles. In the Western states of California, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada and Washington, edible sales jumped by more than 20% between 2020 and 2021.…

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Weed Travels: Can You Bring Cannabis into a State or National Park?

Consuming cannabis in nature can be a heady experience that differs from indoor partaking. If your state has legalized it, private property is typically a safe place for smoking and vaping. Beyond the boundaries of a backyard, acreage or rooftop, many public spaces do not allow marijuana products. However, for those looking for weed travel tips, doing a bit of…

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How to Clean a Dab Rig

For the cannabis enthusiast who wants a consumption method that packs a punch, dab rigs are the common choice. For newbies, a rig can feel intimidating. But dab fans know they are easy to use and require little upkeep beyond regular cleaning. We are breaking down the basics of a dab rig, how to clean a dab rig, dab rig…

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Is it Legal to Ship Cannabis Seeds?

“Are marijuana seeds legal?” is a common question for those entering or interested in the cannabis industry. More specifically, is it legal to ship cannabis seeds through the mail or through private carriers? Previously, shipping marijuana seeds has been restricted to within the state of their production, but the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has effectively acknowledged cannabis seeds are generally…

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5 Fun Things to Do While High at Home

Consuming cannabis at home with no agenda is perfection. But sometimes we want to be productive or creative. Sometimes we need to change things up and let loose. Are you looking for fun things to do while high but lacking high ideas? You found the right place! We’re all about getting stoned with these five fun things to do while…

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Commercial Cannabis Grinders for Consistent Flower

Many cannabis businesses find that the growing popularity of packaged marijuana products like pre-rolls, tinctures and vape oils requires a steady stream of commercially ground weed that is tough to supply without a big weed grinder. The market for “pre-processed” weed products, like vape cartridges, edibles and pre-ground flower that are ready to use, has grown faster than the overall…

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Top 7 Cannabis Social Networking Websites in 2022

Marijuana social media is on the rise as the cannabis industry continues to plant and extend its roots. Cannabis business social network platforms to share, collaborate and communicate with other like-minded weed-lovers have proven to be beneficial to business owners and consumers alike. Creating safe, niche environments for weed social networking helps to strengthen the producer-consumer connection, directly pushing the…

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Pot Politeness: Stoner Rules in 2022

Every society has its unspoken rules of order, and the cannabis community is no different. Call it what you like: pot politeness, weed etiquette or stoner rules, any way it is labeled, there are means to ensure steady invitations to a circle of consumption. A refresher guide is always nice, and newbies can benefit too (welcome Rhode Island!). Look over…

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How to Store Cannabis Concentrates

There is a certain thrill to the cannabis selection process. A wide variety of strains, ingestion methods and associated accouterments provide endless combinations for cannabis consumers ranging from casual to serious. While the product is in the dispensary, budtenders and staff ensure best storage, but once it leaves the dispensary, keeping cannabis concentrates fresh and extending shelf-life is key. In…

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