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Can California Cannabis Farms Replicate the vineyard branding & tourism model

Wine Country of Weed — Can California Cannabis Farms Replicate the Vineyard Model? 

Visitors entering fellow pro-cannabis state of Colorado as cannabis travelers, “spent more and stayed longer in cannabis tourism destinations”, said California Cannabis Tourism Association (CCTA) Founder & Executive Director, Brian Applegarth, in a recent online event discussing the future of cannabis tourism in California. The seemingly older and smarter sister state further showed the potential of a wine country of…

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cannabis, budtenders, united food and commercial workers union

Unions in the Cannabis Industry

Labor unions are active in many areas of the country and extend to various trades and markets. In 2019, the percentage of wage and salary workers who were members of unions was 10.3%. Many Americans have strong opinions of unions, and state laws determine their existence and procedures. The cannabis market is no exception, and persons on both sides of…

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USA decriminalize cannabis with the MORE act

Cannabis Community Torn Over Amended MORE Act

In a historic vote on Friday, December 4th, 2020, the US House of Representatives voted to pass H.R. 3884, 228 to 164. Otherwise known as The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act, or the MORE Act, this historic bill was written to deschedule and decriminalize cannabis in the USA, provide for expungement of federal cannabis offenses and for reinvestment in…

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purpose driven cannabis companies doing good

Purpose-Driven Cannabis + Vetted Brands You Can Support

Though surely on the rise since the tech and start-up world took over Silicon Valley and other major cities like SF, Santa Monica and NY, purpose-driven businesses are nothing new. Some say that with the rise of the information economy, which drove massive economic and social growth across the globe, a more purpose-driven roadmap for companies and organizations alike has…

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The Differences Between Weed Flower and Concentrate

Cannabis grew in popularity originally through smoking, and through the years various methods of smoking weed flower have made their appearance, it can be rolled into a joint or smoked in a pipe, a bong or a vape. Weed flower can also be baked into edibles. The variety of concentrates available today presents a whole different array of forms and…

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Most Common Ways To Consume Marijuana

There are numerous ways to consume cannabis. As more and more people understand the importance of Marijuana, people find easier ways for consumption, like to make them edibles, topical solutions, THC oils, and many more. Every method of consumption has its advantages – depending on your reason to consume. Before consumption, you should know about the common ways to consume…

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women in the cannabis industry | women and weed

Women in Weed: Breaking the Grass Ceiling or Business as Usual?

It’s been a wild ride in regulated cannabis these past few years. Who’s surprisingly close to the front of the pack in such an exciting and transgressive market, you ask? Women. Women in the cannabis industry have a big impact on legal weed markets. According to a July 2019 Marijuana Business Daily (MJ Biz Daily) article, nearly 37% of executive-level…

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is weed legal in maine? maine cannabis laws

Recreational Dispensaries Open for Business in Maine

After long, long last, residents of Maine may partake in recreational adult-use cannabis because of the change to Maine cannabis laws. Nearly four years after voters approved legalization, the state officially launched retail sales on Oct. 9, 2020. As of now, five retail stores, five cultivation facilities, one testing lab and one manufacturing facility have been granted licenses. The answer…

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mommy jane

12 Questions with Cannabis Advocate and Social Media Influencer The Mommy Jane

The Mommy Jane is a cannabis advocate and influencer helping smash the stigma of moms and marijuana. Check out this exclusive Q&A! 1. How did The Mommy Jane start?  I was a mother completely wrapped up in wine culture. I was drinking every night (and some days), abusing prescription drugs that were (and weren’t) mine. I was overweight from my…

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