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drug war letter

A Letter from a Drug War Soldier: Part One

This isn’t the letter you’re probably expecting to read, but let’s be honest, I don’t think anyone expects to become a soldier in the war on drugs. No one plans or prepares to have to wake up everyday, lace up theoretical combat boots, and fight. It is doubtful, five and six year olds are playing with their classmates and dreaming…

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cannacon midwest cannabis expo | midwest cannacon trade show | CannaCon Detroit City Guide

Detroit City Guide

Attending CannaCon Northeast? Check out our Detroit City Guide. The Motor City of Detroit was birthed in the gritty automobile industry. The metropolis weathered a trajectory of boom and bust cycles, from the original Ford Motor Company regime, to the Great Depression, to the burst of the Internet bubble. The city is now poised to reclaim its status as a…

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child-resistant cannabis boxes

Out of the Box: A Comparison of Child-Resistant Cannabis Boxes

A few companies are “thinking outside of the box” and have come to market with child-resistant cannabis box offerings. Close federal and media attention, alongside evolving state regulations, have made child-resistant packaging the focus of every forward-thinking cannabis producer.  Cannabis brands understand that their product is being held up to a higher level of scrutiny.  In order to legitimize and…

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cannabis products | CannaCon FAQs | custom cannabis packaging

Packaging Your Potential: Custom Cannabis Packaging Options

Custom cannabis packaging can be the most powerful tool in your arsenal. A good packaging strategy is essential to any marijuana brand.  It can help distinguish your brand, and make or break your success. The cannabis industry faces a tricky balancing act in regards to marketing, as legalization and mass consumption loom in many states. Large grow ops and industry…

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crop steering | cannacon privacy policy

What is all that talk about crop steering?

Like all living being, plants go through life cycle where their growth is determined by their age and how they have been growing to that point. Plants have hormonal systems that regulate their growth to respond to external conditions such as drought, wind and even wild animal nibbling on their leaves. In all these three cases, stress hormones force the…

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therapeutic properties of terpenes | legal weed

Research of Medical Properties of Cannabis

Research is teaching us more everyday about the therapeutic properties of terpenes. Some terpenes are very effective in relieving stress, others are great when you need to relax, while there are some that boost focus. There are many options here, as you’ll have chance to see. For example, myrcene induces sleep, while limonene uplifts our mood. In recent years, terpenes…

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water quality cannabis cultivation

Water Quality: It Matters More Than You May Think

Cannabis is a sturdy, resilient plant that, at the risk of sounding cliché, “grows like a weed.” There are many places in the world where wild cannabis thrives without any help from humans and cultivators have known for a long time that decent product can be grown from any reasonable water quality source. But what about professional operations aiming for…

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cannabis plant patent

Cannabis Plant Patent Application: What is Unique about this Strain?

The time to start preparing to obtain plant patent protection is now; cannabis plant patent applications must be filed within one year after the first time the strain is offered for sale or sold in the market. It is important to document and collect relevant information throughout a strain’s growth season to support the requirements of the plant patent statutes…

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CannaCon Seattle

What are Terpenes and How Do You Use them?

You might have noticed that not all strains smell the same. Pine, berry, mint…There’s more than a few distinctive fragrances in cannabis. Cannabis has a unique smell. Some people find it unpleasant and overwhelming, while most marijuana enthusiasts find it very calming and enjoyable. Just like any other plant, pot has components which are responsible for its unique aroma and…

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