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Ep. 18 – Bits on the Retail Experience, Chicago going Legal and CBD Regulation

The boys are in studio with a potpourri of topics for the day, including some discussion of the retail and licensing news, the big news that Illinois has gone legal and a look at how things are going in CBD research land.

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Ep. 17 – Our Top 10 Cannabis Movies

After the heaviness of last week’s dive into NPR’s New Reefer Madness, we decided to take a step back and go with something fun this week: Our Top 10 Cannabis Movies! Using the finest in scientific methods, we’ve narrowed down a list that would make any pothead happy!

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Ep. 16 – NPR & The New Reefer Madness

Nick and John have a bone to pick with a recent NPR article and their inaccurate, misleading, under-researched and flat out wrong take on weed. They are not amused.

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Ep. 15 – Knifers Vs. Gravity Bongs, Busted In DFW, Federal Legalization Mixdown

The boys are back in studio with no guests, going in on a grab bag of topics, including the knifers vs. gravity bong debate, the sublime fuckery of getting busted in Texas, weed smuggling surging at LAX, and the mess of state vs. federal and how long it will take to sort it out! It’s a rollicking good time!

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Ep. 14 – Cannabis Marketing & Customer Service with Sean Mafi of Topshelf Marketing

As the cannabis industry grows, the need for corporate level branding and marketing becomes more and more necessary. We’re sitting down with Sean Mafi of Seattle agency Top Shelf to discuss his approach, the philosophy behind it, and some very specific tactical advice for instagram. It’s a marketing class for anyone looking to step their game up.

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Ep. 13 – State Licensing Rates and Websites w. Caron Cooper of Cannasite Co.

Nick and John are back together again and what a sweet relief it is. This week they’re digging in to the massive disparities between the number of licenses and stores from state to state, along with some talk about the importance of speed and responsiveness when it comes to your website and your web support!

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Ep. 12 – CannaCon OKC 2019 Recap

Nick is back from OKC and he couldn’t be happier. Tune in to hear all the good news from the show! From OKC’s enthusiasm, the friendliness of the people, the diversity at the show and the fantastic overall response! Plus, Nick has a few words for American Airlines. They aren’t all polite words.

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Ep. 11 – High End Testing with Todd Denkin of Digipath, Inc.

Nevada-based Digipath is leading the way on cannabis testing, going above and beyond what’s required by law in their state, all in an effort to help set the bar on what we should expect from a testing regime. We’re joined by founder Todd Denkin to talk THC, Terpenes, CBD and the many other measures they can make. Fascinating perspective from…

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CannaCon Seattle Live – Mr. Soul Of Brother Grimm Seeds

A legend in the seed game. Mr. Soul is the epitome of an old school iconoclast, taking conventional wisdom about seeds and masculine vs. feminine, and turning it on its head with careful, methodical work.

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