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CannaCon OKC! Vol. 2 – w. Dauntless, Gnu Pharm, Operations & Foliogrow

Clark and Brady from Dauntless drop in to talk their cannabis industry software suite GIANT, Chip Paul talks the growing understanding of the endo-cannabinoid system and how cannabis can be used in conjunction with other natural medicines, and Brett Strauss of Foliogrow explains how his software can introduce consistency and margin maximization in your day to day operations!

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Ep. 33 – Chicago, WeedMaps, Cannabis Lounges & TJ From Shield & Seal

Nick and John are back in the saddle with news about Illinois’ legalization process, Snoop Dogg, cannabis cafes and Weedmaps, plus a great interview with TJ from Shield & Seal about how they’re helping the Cannabis Industry keep their product as fresh and streamlined as possible! Light us up!

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CannaCon OKC! Compliance w. Simplifiya, Terpenes w. True Terpenes & Gear w. Total Pharmacy Supply

With CannaCon OKC wrapped up, we sit down with some of our favorite vendors from the show to talk about how Simplifiya can help you with compliance, how True Terpenes can help you taste and smell amazing, and how Total Pharmacy Supply can keep you stocked with everything you need to make your business run!

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Ep. 32 – Bad News Canada, Medical Journals & Testing With Filters

Nick and John are back in the saddle talking some regulatory and business troubles in the Canadian cannabis market, the newly established cannabis medical journal, and lab testing: consistency, corruption, testing for the wrong things…it’s a lot to dig into!

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Ep. 31 Vaping, Organized Crime, Billions & Grow Mediums

Nick and John are back with producer Keith to run down the news: vaping dangers, organized crime in the legal pot world, our first cannabis billionaire, and a solid segment on grow mediums. It’s all about where it all starts. Dig in!

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Ep. 30 CBD Food Ban, Missouri, The Feds & Environmentally Safe Packaging

The crew is back after a relaxing week off to talk Washington’s ban on CBD as a food additive, numbers from Missouri’s licensing department, two separate proclamations from people in our federal government, and finally the issue of the environment and cannabis packaging. It’s a doozy.

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Ep. 29 – Lighting! + News: Cancer, The FBI & De Facto Decriminalization!

The gang is back in the studio! This week we’re talking about a Harvard study that showed how pot helps with pancreatic cancer, The FBI sticking their noses in licensing business, and how the Farm Bill might have won the war on pot. Plus our big segment on lighting for the cannabis industry!

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Ep. 28 – News, Climate Control, Favorite Strains Mixdown

Nick and John from CannaCon are sitting down to take on the news: cannabis & anesthetics, Cresco’s expansion and the NFL’s cannabis study. Plus they’re discussing climate control and their favorite strains of weed!

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Ep. 27 – News, Seed Vendors, Trends We Like Mixdown

The boys are back with a bang! We’re talking social media, Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Seed Vendors and a few trends we love!

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