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Ep-5 CannaCon Seattle’s Coming! Buying Weed Then Vs. Now

Nick and John are back with preview of CannaCon Seattle 2019, including demo and seminar previews and some dope news about this year’s celebrity guest. Plus our hosts take a stroll down memory lane remembering what it used to be like to score a little reefer in the days before legalization rolled around!

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Episode – 4 – Cannabis Consultant Al Olson

Nick and John are joined by former NBC an MSNBC journalist turned Cannabis Consultant Al Olson to talk about the cannabis industry, the conflicts as medical cannabis becomes legal recreational cannabis, consumer education, the history of 420 and a few other gems.

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Episode – 003 – Jerry Whiting  talks the amazing world of CBD

Nick and John welcome the Pope of CBD aka Jerry Whiting to the show! Jerry has been a force in the CBD community in Washington for years, with a understanding and knowledge about the subject deeper than most, tied to a personality that’s as loud as his medicines are mellow! Join us for an in-depth discussion of all things CBD!

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Episode – 002 – The State Of The Cannabis Industry 2019

Cannabis has been on a roll in the US, and we’re taking a look at the industry, top-to-bottom at the beginning of 2019 to give you an idea of how it works state-to-state, what’s working, what needs improvement and what’s next for legalized freedom!

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Episode – 001 – Who We Are and What We Do

Welcome to CannaCon! We’re one of the nation’s largest Cannabis-focused marketing and convention companies, with events across the country, we are “Where the Cannabis Industry does Business!” Come find out what makes us your best option for growing and expanding your cannabis company! Find the latest in Cannabis technology, network with thousands of industry professionals and learn from industry experts.

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