The boys are in studio talking about our special guests for CannaCon Detroit: Entrepreneur Berner and the icon, Tommy Chong! They get into a discussion on their fondest memories of Tommy Chong including John’s first introduction to him via eight track tapes by his older cousin when he was just 10 years old, Nick learning of Tommy’s time in jail for selling bongs, and Keith’s love of all things Cheech and Chong, plus all of their appreciation of the hard work Berner has put in to become the entrepreneurial success that he is. Plus, we’re running down some news. Massachusetts is cutting wait times in half for licenses, great news for those who have been waiting years for a retail store to open near them. Social equity and what States are tackling that issue well by allowing licensing to those who have been convicted of low level drug charges. Oregon’s bill to decriminalize all minor drug offenses would be a step in the right direction. Major League Baseball has decided to officially remove cannabis from its banned substance list as well as taking steps to insure there are safe CBD products available to their players. Stephen LaFrance an Arkansas Marijuana business owner has started lobbying against a ballot initiative to legalize medical cannabis in neighboring Mississippi and we think that is a pretty dirty thing to do. and Nick is back with his consumer tip of the week to help you out when trying to decide what you are buying at the weed store and the bud tender doesn’t know what they are selling you, including a breakdown of the differences between live resin and rosin and why rosin or bubble hash is so much better than resin. The guys also get into a lengthy discussion about their favorite retail shops, and why the service and knowledgeable bud tenders at those shops keep them coming back. Informative. Entertaining. Good stuff.