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cannabis business conference | cannacon midwest

The Business Side of Cannabis: What to See, Do and Learn in Detroit

We have already taken a look at what CannaCon Midwest attendees can do, see and learn on the production side of the cannabis business. Now let’s examine the business side and the ancillary services you can explore at our Midwest cannabis business conference. If you have never attended a cannabis expo show, especially one of the traveling CannaCon conferences, you will likely be surprised at the vast array of businesses that have forged a niche for themselves in this burgeoning industry.

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cannabis business licensing south dakota north dakota nebraska kansas

The State of Cannabis Legislation & Licensing: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas

A federal appeals court ruled May 30 to hold open a case challenging the scheduling status of marijuana under federal law. While progress is made at the federal level, each U.S. state is deciphering its own path in the legalization of cannabis, medical and recreational, as well as CBD and hemp cultivation. CannaCon is hosting its Midwest cannabis conference later…

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cannabis business licensing Wisconsin Iowa Missouri Minnesota

The State of Cannabis Legislation & Licensing: Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota

If you are starting a cannabis cultivation or marijuana-related business, then it’s wise to pay attention to the latest cannabis news. Cannabis legislation is consistently developing throughout the United States, creating opportunities for business owners everywhere. But every state is different, especially when it comes to cannabis business licensing. CannaCon is heading to the Midwest in June, so we’re taking…

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cannabis production | midwest cannabis conference detroit

Cannabis Production: What to See, Do and Learn in Detroit

Plant a Seed at CannaCon Midwest If you’ve never attended a cannabis conference, you may wonder what it’s all about. Some imagine big groups of people sitting in a circles, smoking joints and listening to the Grateful Dead, or floral-crown-wearing hippies burning incense and dancing in a drum circle. That’s cool, but that’s not CannaCon. Your Regional Cannabis B2B Conference…

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cannabis licensing midwest

The State of Cannabis Legislation & Licensing: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio

The following is a list of marijuana legislation and cannabis business licensing in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio, as of January 6, 2020.  State by state, legislation is changing in the cannabis business. Licensing regulations also vary and can often be a moving target. As of late 2018, industrial hemp is federally legal in the United States. Consider also…

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Oklahoma cannabis market | OK cannabis market

Oklahoma: The Pioneering Wild West of Weed

Learn more about the Oklahoma Cannabis Market — the Wild West of Weed. What comes to mind when you think of Oklahoma? Cows? Buffalo? The Pioneer Woman? The musical Oklahoma? Choctaw Native Americans? For me, it’s a broad expanse of freeway that seemingly stretches into oblivion, guarded by some of the cruelest Highway Patrolmen I’ve ever encountered—but hey, that’s because…

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child-resistant cannabis packaging

How the Cannabis Industry is Re-Imagining Child-Resistant Packaging Design

Child-resistant packaging using push-and-twist caps has remained the same for about fifty years. With the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in some states and medical use in others, a new wave of creativity and innovation has been unleashed in child-resistant cannabis packaging. Child-resistant packaging is receiving a makeover. The need for specific types of packaging is pushing designers to…

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cannabis for anxiety

Tips to Reduce Anxiety and Get Some Sleep | Try Cannabis for Anxiety

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety is the number one mental health condition plaguing Americans today. It affects some 18% of adults, which equates to about 40 million Americans. That number may even be higher due to people either not knowing that they have the condition or not seeking treatment. Anxiety can make getting to sleep and…

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marijuana retail pop-up shop

Planning a marijuana retail pop-up shop? 5 tips to make an impression that lasts

The pop-up shop has proven to be an effective way for traditional retailers to increase sales and attract new consumers. Because pop-up shops are typically up for short periods of time, ranging anywhere from one day to a few months, their temporary format allow retailers to create buzz, build awareness in new markets, and sell products faster than with a…

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