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bob smart | cannacon founder

We have come a long way

We have come a long way as an industry. Our founder and CEO Bob Smart started out as a grower. Here is a very comprehensive blog he posted way back in 2004 detailing the progression of his grow under the alias Agent 86. “It’s kind of interesting that online journals and guys like me using fake names answering questions…

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Google My Business

Optimize Google My Business: Drive Local Customers To Your Dispensary

As legal marijuana steps ever closer into the national limelight, cannabis entrepreneurs will do well to harness the marketing power of Google My Business, a free and user-friendly tool that helps businesses and organizations manage their internet presence across all of Google’s offerings, including Maps and Search.   There are an estimated 450,000 local dispensary searches per month in Google.…

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cannabis branding | cannabis packaging

Branding Your Cannabis – How to make your cannabis product stand out in 2018

In the world of retail, marketing is king – to make your product stand out above the rest and to stay competitive. However, as is the case with cannabis, without TV commercials and printed advertisements, you are left with your packaging as your primary marketing medium. Market research has shown that packaging greatly influences a customer’s buying preferences. When your…

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med vs rec | medical vs recreational | medical marijuana

Med vs Rec: Whose side are you on?

Med vs Rec Cannabis: Whose side are you on? Anyone involved in the cannabis community has been asked this question. This question has turned friends against each other, ripped businesses apart, destroyed reputations, and divided a community. In states like Washington where there once was a booming medical marketplace, with farmers markets, ample patient co-ops and the beginnings of a…

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cannabis brand

What It Really Takes to Grow A Brand in the Cannabis Industry

We’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with calls. Cannabis branding, you know it’s a “real” thing when Adweek starts writing about it. Snarky sarcasm aside, there is something to be said when one of the most influential publishing platforms in advertising starts posting articles on best practices to brand your bud. And while this type of recognition is also…

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branding | what is your brand

Strike up the BRAND | Why branding is so important in the competitive cannabis space

Branding is what sets a business apart from all others – it’s the spark that attracts customers and keeps them coming back for more. Branding is key for any business, especially in a competitive industry like cannabis. Your brand needs to connect with customers on an emotional level and speak to their hearts. It needs to convey the passion behind…

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co2 | carbon dioxide

Grow Room CO2 Enrichment

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is in the air we breathe, typically around 300-400 ppm (0.03-0.04%). In an enclosed grow room cannabis plants can use all of this within just a few short hours. Without CO2, photosynthesis slows to a snail-like pace, photosynthesis is the process that plants use to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and water allowing for plant growth. Adding…

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cannabis root growth

Accelerating Cannabis Root Growth With Beneficial Microbes

Here’s how you can stimulate expansive root growth in your cannabis plants — which means bigger crops — by utilizing the power of beneficial microbes. As cannabis growers, it’s easy to get so focused on our crop’s vegetation and flower growth that we lose sight of what we can’t see: Our plants’ roots. But the fact is, what we see…

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organic social media

How Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Cannabis Business

At Paris Marketing, we think cannabis is pretty dope (insert picture of a pot leaf with a smiley face and sunglasses, here.), but more specifically, we think successfully marketed canna-businesses are. So, let’s talk about how you can market your cannabis business on social media. Sponsored Social Media Updates are a No-No: For other industries, my first suggestion would be…

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