Growing the Good

July 27, 2018 | 4:50 pm | Room 102 | Cultivation

A round table discussion with some of the countries most talented growers, discussing topics ranging from best indoor cultivation practices, integrative pest management strategies, the use of biologicals and organic acids to increase plant health and vigor and maximize terpene expression, preservation and stewarding of cannabis genetics, and the next horizon of cannabis cultivation.

alexa lutz

Alexa Lutz

Alexa entered Colorado’s marijuana industry in 2013, just prior to the boom of

recreational marijuana. Over the past five years, she has excelled in the field of plant

physiology, studying under forestry experts and botanists to become one of Royal

Gold’s ‘Grower of the Week’. Alexa has since worked with some of Colorado’s largest

greenhouses and received several highlights from High Times and Culture Mag for

her ambitious cultivations. “I was fresh out of college when I started this journey,”

she notes, “I never thought I would be managing a garden.” Alexa curates a garden of

over 40 unique and exotic plant species, with plans to expand in the coming year.


ginger duer

Ginger Duer

Ginger is a 20 year cultivator and owner of Delta Valley Logistics, Delta Valley Hemp, Fat Rabbit Farms, and Biostara. She focuses on scientifically based, results driven methods that both increase yield and quality and decrease costs. She currently focuses her work on hemp, with several large scale farms in multiple states. Her primary focus is preservation of genetic diversity.


joseph mattford

Joseph Mattord

Joseph Mattord is 32 years old, born and raised in Austin, TX, known as one of the technology Mecca’s and largest growing cities in the United States. Austin is also known for organic farming methods and only providing top products in a variety of industries. This allowed Joe to experiment with growing cannabis at the age of 15 years old. He was able to move to Colorado at age 22, and participate in more cultivation methods, and preserving genetics.

Joe has been fortunate enough in the industry to have mentors that are highly regarded and known as horticulture experts for over 2 decades. Joe has an extreme passion for horticulture and has studied privately since he was 20 years old. Responsible for designing and building multiple medical/recreational warehouse gardens in Denver since moving to Colorado in 2009. Through this past history of internships, learning, and expertise, Joe came to represent veg + bloom (nutrient) for 3 years, which has allowed visitation to many of the largest gardens in California and Colorado. This has allowed Joe to take in best practices as well as meeting and befriending some of the world leaders in the cannabis industry for future guidance.


kevin moore

Kevin Moore

Kevin first started cultivating cannabis in 2001. Like many of us, that first crop

awakened a thirst for knowledge within him, which has yet to be quenched. Nearly

two years after growing out his first Indoor and Outdoor crops, Kevin took on his

first preservation and Breeding project, hunting DJ Short’s Original Blueberry in

search of the illusive Thai dominant Phenotypes. It was this project that served as

the catalyst for Kevin to begin exploring cannabis cultivation from a genetic

perspective, all around the globe.

Kevin brings with him 14 years of Construction Management experience:

specifically within the Building Science and Air Quality sector where he holds

numerous certifications. He readily draws on this collective knowledge to bring a

grounded, synergistic, and efficiency based approach to the garden. Kevin currently

operates as a Breeder, Genetic Preservationist, and Consultant. He currently resides

in the Washington DC Area.


sayra small

Sayra Small

Sayra is a Maine medical marijuana caregiver and Co-founder of Farley’s Cannabis Farm. As lead cultivator, Sayra has Farley Farms focused on producing top shelf flower, extracts and is expanding to include hemp cultivation. Sayra has been cultivating and serving patients for six years however cannabis has played a big role in her life for over 25 years.  Sayra’s cultivation style is focused on finding the perfect balance between hydro and organics to bring out the truest expression of genetics and is always researching to help bring new products to the expanding market. Sayra has been featured by ATTN for her own story of redemption through use of cannabis for recovery and placed second in the High 95 in 2017 for her highly sought after Agent Orange strain. Sayra is poised to to flex the tech she has learned over the years on a larger scale as the Maine market moves to toward recreational next year. Her passion for cannabis is surpassed only by her compassion for helping patients.