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kevin moore

Kevin Moore

Kevin first started cultivating cannabis in 2001. Like many of us, that first crop

awakened a thirst for knowledge within him, which has yet to be quenched. Nearly

two years after growing out his first Indoor and Outdoor crops, Kevin took on his

first preservation and Breeding project, hunting DJ Short’s Original Blueberry in

search of the illusive Thai dominant Phenotypes. It was this project that served as

the catalyst for Kevin to begin exploring cannabis cultivation from a genetic

perspective, all around the globe.

Kevin brings with him 14 years of Construction Management experience:

specifically within the Building Science and Air Quality sector where he holds

numerous certifications. He readily draws on this collective knowledge to bring a

grounded, synergistic, and efficiency based approach to the garden. Kevin currently

operates as a Breeder, Genetic Preservationist, and Consultant. He currently resides

in the Washington DC Area.


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