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sayra small

Sayra Small

Sayra is a Maine medical marijuana caregiver and Co-founder of Farley’s Cannabis Farm. As lead cultivator, Sayra has Farley Farms focused on producing top shelf flower, extracts and is expanding to include hemp cultivation. Sayra has been cultivating and serving patients for six years however cannabis has played a big role in her life for over 25 years.  Sayra’s cultivation style is focused on finding the perfect balance between hydro and organics to bring out the truest expression of genetics and is always researching to help bring new products to the expanding market. Sayra has been featured by ATTN for her own story of redemption through use of cannabis for recovery and placed second in the High 95 in 2017 for her highly sought after Agent Orange strain. Sayra is poised to to flex the tech she has learned over the years on a larger scale as the Maine market moves to toward recreational next year. Her passion for cannabis is surpassed only by her compassion for helping patients.


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