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cannabis grow hidden costs

Total Cost of Ownership – 3 Strategies to Uncover Hidden Costs in Your Grow

When making decisions on large capital expenditures the term ‘Total Cost of Ownership” is almost certain to be a topic of discussion. It is great that Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is front and center in modern decision making. It clearly indicates business owners are looking at long-term success. However, I have seen TCO morph into a simple energy comparison…

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cannabis management software

Standardized Inventory & Client Management in the Cannabis Industry

Standardized Cannabis Management Software is Essential to Your Long-Term Success. One big area of opportunity for cannabis producers is the standardization of their inventory, order and client management. Often times you’ll see cultivators and extractors sending their inventory or receiving orders from buyers in various formats such as PDFs, Excel and Google docs, emails, texts, even jotted down on paper.…

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flip your grow | cannabis industry

Flip Your Grow

According to, if you flip something you make a profit out if it. The same could be said in our industry for the term “flip your grow.” There are a several good reasons for operating on a “flip.” This basically means to never run all your grow rooms on the same schedule. Why is this important? To understand this,…

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drug war letter

Letter from a Drug War Soldier: Part Two

When we think about the “victims’ of the war on drugs I’m sure what comes to mind for most people is drug cartels hastily smuggling hundreds of pounds of drugs, through a rusty hole on a battered fence line, with nothing but a shiv, a semi-automatic weapon, , and the look out. Or maybe a 6’ 3” burly man on…

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CannaCon Boston | Boston City Guide

Boston City Guide

Attending CannaCon Boston? Check out our Boston City Guide. Walking Boston’s cobblestone-lined streets of historic colonial-era Beacon Hill with its 17th and 18th century Federal rowhouses is an inspiring trip through the history of the American Revolution. Brick buildings, narrow sidewalks, and gas-lit lamps provide a serene backdrop for reminiscing on the intentions of our Founding Fathers in this time…

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drug war letter

A Letter from a Drug War Soldier: Part One

This isn’t the letter you’re probably expecting to read, but let’s be honest, I don’t think anyone expects to become a soldier in the war on drugs. No one plans or prepares to have to wake up everyday, lace up theoretical combat boots, and fight. It is doubtful, five and six year olds are playing with their classmates and dreaming…

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cannacon midwest cannabis expo | midwest cannacon trade show | CannaCon Detroit City Guide

Detroit City Guide

Attending CannaCon Northeast? Check out our Detroit City Guide. The Motor City of Detroit was birthed in the gritty automobile industry. The metropolis weathered a trajectory of boom and bust cycles, from the original Ford Motor Company regime, to the Great Depression, to the burst of the Internet bubble. The city is now poised to reclaim its status as a…

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child-resistant cannabis boxes

Out of the Box: A Comparison of Child-Resistant Cannabis Boxes

A few companies are “thinking outside of the box” and have come to market with child-resistant cannabis box offerings. Close federal and media attention, alongside evolving state regulations, have made child-resistant packaging the focus of every forward-thinking cannabis producer.  Cannabis brands understand that their product is being held up to a higher level of scrutiny.  In order to legitimize and…

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cannabis products | CannaCon FAQs | custom cannabis packaging

Packaging Your Potential: Custom Cannabis Packaging Options

Custom cannabis packaging can be the most powerful tool in your arsenal. A good packaging strategy is essential to any marijuana brand.  It can help distinguish your brand, and make or break your success. The cannabis industry faces a tricky balancing act in regards to marketing, as legalization and mass consumption loom in many states. Large grow ops and industry…

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