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Is Organic Farming Sustainable?

As more people express concerns about GMO foods, many are turning to organic fruits, vegetables, and medicinal plants. The organic food market continues to rise in popularity among Americans of all backgrounds. As such, many farmers are transitioning to organic farming. While many American farms are still controlled by corporations or semi-government organizations, there is a growing number of individual…

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A Tipping Point for Cannabis in the United States?

Early last Wednesday morning, my phone lit up with calls from Oklahoma attorneys, accountants, and other interested parties who wanted to speak me about the results of Tuesday’s Oklahoma primary elections. A very liberal medical marijuana bill had passed in the state primary election. Not only was this the first cannabis referendum to be included on a primary ballot, but…

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dry trim machine

Four Ways a Dry Trim Machine will Help You Out

The debate over machine trimming your weed versus hand trimming has been around since machine trimmers came on the market. Hand trimmers have long argued that machines will destroy the trichomes and terpenes. With some of the machines on the market, that’s true. However, if you carefully select your dry trim machine, you can increase profits while still getting beautifully…

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cannabis shelf life

How Does Your Packaging Affect Cannabis Shelf Life?

So, you have opened a new dispensary, and you wish to provide the best quality cannabis available, or you like to stockpile and buy some variety. The problem that you face now is that you don’t necessarily know best practices regarding packaging. Keeping all your packaging branded correctly is one thing, but choosing the correct packaging methods for your needs…

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preventing powdery mildew

Preventing Powdery Mildew

Cannabis crops are susceptible to a variety of potential issues in regards to molds and fungus. Powdery mildew is spread by airborne transmission, making the need for a continuous disinfection of the air systems necessary in order to prevent potential contamination. Mold and bacteria are microorganisms that attack and destroy crops and there are over 8,000 species of mold that…

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indoor air pollution

Breathe Easy | Stop Indoor Air Pollution

Most people are aware of the harmful emissions and fumes we are exposed to as soon as we step out the door to live our day-to-day life. Frankly, while we may want to pause and take a deep breath – the air we breathe leaves a lot to be desired. Air quality varies from location to location worldwide, and they…

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microbial compost tea

Beneficial Microbial Compost Tea

Bring your soil back to life with microbial compost tea. The soil-food-web refers to a series of conversions of energy as organisms live and consume one another within the underground soil environment. When organisms decompose complex materials, or consume other organisms, the nutrients are converted and are made available to plants and other soil organisms. In a single teaspoon of…

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Americans for Safe Access (ASA)

Americans for Safe Access (ASA)

The medical cannabis advocacy organization Americans for Safe Access (ASA), recently released its annual report entitled “Medical Marijuana Access in the United States: A Patient-Focused Analysis of the Patchwork of State Laws.” Its conclusions are worth noting. The report examines the status of states that have passed medical marijuana laws, and grades them on a 500-point scale. According to a…

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cannabis lighting

The Total Cost of Cannabis Lighting Ownership

Lighting is a critical piece of cannabis industry, and LED lighting is revolutionizing bloom room lighting. Based on AEssenseGrows research, the US bloom light market opportunity (new installation + replacement) looks like this: $41M in 2017 $76M in 2018 $112M in 2023 As expenditures on grow lights mushrooms, cannabis entrepreneurs would fare well to do their homework before investing in…

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