Meeting Growth Demands with Smart Automation

May 19, 2023 | 1:00 pm | Room 1 | Operations Management

Keeping up with the rapidly evolving and growing cannabis marketplace requires a hard look at existing systems and processes to ensure efficiency at every stage. Removing time-consuming, laborious, manual tasks from your manufacturing workflow is critical – and that means you need to automate. In this session, we will cover how to avoid costly missteps when investing new equipment and solutions to automate, including a checklist of what to look for and best practices for implementation to effectively streamline your operations. We’ll cover real-life case studies to illustrate how automation can help to future-proof growing cannabis companies for success and expansion.

Mark Hoskins, Client Services Manager, Thompson Duke Industrial

Mark Hoskins serves as Client Services Manager at Thompson Duke Industrial, which provides the leading automated solutions for the cannabis concentrate packaging industry. In his role, he trains and provides ongoing support for clients utilizing Thompson Duke equipment to maximize process efficiencies.

Jake Berry, Principal CEO, Loud Labs

Jake founded the company in 2015 after working in the retail space and noticing a glaring lack of quality and branding in the Vape/Concentrate category. He first made his mark on the Colorado cannabis market and in 2020 expanded into a new market, Michigan. With the success of his operations in these two states, he has continued to push for national expansion and is launching another facility in New Jersey in 2023.


Jake has expanded Loud Labs to become one of the largest independent and minority-owned MSOs in the nation. The Loud Labs umbrella includes brands such as: Pyramid, Doinks, and their most recent project, Zoobies. With the rapid growth in the cannabis space, Loud Labs is poised to move into additional markets throughout the United States.