Marketing for the Best Cannabis ROI Results

March 31, 2023 | 4:00 pm | Room 2 | Marketing & Branding

We will bring the depth of knowledge in marketing and laminated products (direct mail, postcards, menus, gift cards, business cards, loyalty and key tags for referrals). We will discuss the process of targeting YOUR customer, our technology capabilities including encoding data into a magnetic stripe or a bar code that talks to the POS system, QR codes to drive to URL’s, Return on Investment, Strategy in choosing promotions that benefit both the consumer and the business, various design options and elements, variable printing of imagery, text, personalization to a specific individual, our Acclaim Tracking (very valuable), benefits of mail vs other marketing channels (real analytics and redemption rates), Targeting, Re-targeting and/or cloning, experience with having our own on site mail house where all sorting, traying and drop shipping to destination takes place, We Are The Manufacturer (both of these being savings to the customer), list services, In-House IT Secure Data Management, In-House Art Design Team, and we are never too big for ANYONE, always there for a phone call!

The art and financial value of gift cards.

Loyalty Key Tag Customer Referral Program. (Cannabis branded)

Gary Goldman, National Sales Manager, SSI Cards Marketing & Direct Mail

Gary Goldman is a National Sales Manager for SSI Cards Marketing and Direct Mail. His largest area of focus is ensuring that the client is getting exactly what they need to bring in a Return on Investment that will allow for future growth. 

Bryce Ridpath, Director of IT/Data/Mail, SSI Cards Marketing & Direct Mail

Bryce Ridpath is the Director of IT/Data/Mail for SSI. He is an IT and Data expert! Bryce will speak to the processes of collecting the data needed that allows SSI to provide “real” and “lucrative” redemption results to our customers. He will discuss the level of security that SSI provides when it comes to handling your proprietary data as well as discuss the inner workings of Direct Mail, what you can and cannot do with mail and anything else IT related. 

Jeff Ames, VP of Sales & Manufacturing, SSI Cards Marketing & Direct Mail

Jeff Ames is the VP of Sales and Manufacturing for SSI. Jeff has 20+ years of Mail Marketing and Plastic Card Manufacturing and Sales Experience. Jeff has an understanding of all products, supplies, packaging, mail, print, sales and marketing that assists in helping build great marketing campaigns as well as gift and loyalty card ideas. He brings a wealth of knowledge to ensuring that the most relevant list services are being executed, extensive experience in Target Marketing and various promotion ideas that have a proven successful track record.