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advanced terpene solutions

Ep. 6 – CannaCon Recap & Mike From Advanced Terpene Solutions

Nick and John are back in studio after a few weeks off to recap CannaCon Seattle 2019, giving you some insight into how the show went down, the challenges of working in Seattle, the B2B wins everyone had, one of our favorite interviews from the show: Mike from Advanced Terpene Solutions!

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unexpected ways to use cannabis

CannaCon Seattle 2019 – Our Interview by Cannabis Beyond Dope

Along with all of our CannaCon interviews, we got a chance to sit down on the other side of the conversation when the girls from Cannabis Beyond Dope interviewed us! Listen to Nick as he recounts CannaCon history, talk about the event, and give a little insight into what makes CannaCon such a success!

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priority 1 canine | cannabis businesses

CannaCon Seattle 2019 w/ Wade Morrell Priority 1 Canine

Nick and John talk with Shark Tank alum, ex-marine, current cop and owner of Priority 1 Canine, Wade Morrell to talk about the extensive training his dogs go through to produce some of the finest protection service animals in the business and his excitement to move into the cannabis industry.

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element grow

CannaCon Seattle 2019 w/ Protecting Your Grow With Jason Dubose Of Element Grow

Growing cannabis can be a risky business, and Jason Dubose from Element Grow wants to take some of that risk out with their air filtration systems, protecting crops from airborne mold and other dangers.

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pipeline deals

CannaCon Seattle 2019 w/ Jon Englund Of Pipeline Deals

Another dope interview with one of our amazing vendors from CannaCon Seattle, this time we’re sitting down with Jon Englund of Pipeline Deals to talk how he’s using cannabis software to make your business more profitable, smoother running, and more successful!

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CannaCon Seattle

Ep. 12 – James Collins of OB Credit Law Live @ CannaCon Seattle 2019

Being in the cannabis industry comes with it’s challenges. One of which is having to live a cash lifestyle. Washington State’s OB Credit Union is trying to change that for the cannabis industry by providing cannabis loans and lines of credit to people who would be denied by traditional banking institutions.

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CannaCon logo

Ep. 11 – David Balmer Of GreenMed Lab Live @ CannaCon Seattle 2019

David Balmer of GreenMed Lab stops in to talk about their expansion into the CBD and THC infused beverage market with non-alcoholic (but THC-laden) microbrews and infused waters. Also, some sex stuff.

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organic social media

Ep. 10 – Aaron Pelley Of Cultiva Law Live @ CannaCon Seattle 2019

Pops is rolling solo with Aaron Pelley of Cultiva Law talking about his evolution from defending cannabis clients against charges, to helping old outlaws go legal and build companies and how Cultivae is looking out for the cannabis legal industry!

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Live from CannaCon Seattle 2019 with Scott from ACK Data

Nick is sitting down with Scott from ACK Data to dig into one of the most interesting topics this year: how business owners can make money off all of that really expensive surveillance equipment and data the state mandates they install.

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