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Ep. 13 – State Licensing Rates and Websites w. Caron Cooper of Cannasite Co.

Nick and John are back together again and what a sweet relief it is. This week they’re digging in to the state licensing rates and massive disparities between the number of licenses and stores from state to state, along with some talk about the importance of speed and responsiveness when it comes to your website and your web support!

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Ep. 12 – CannaCon OKC 2019 Recap

Nick is back from OKC and he couldn’t be happier. Tune in to hear all the good news from the show! From OKC’s enthusiasm, the friendliness of the people, the diversity at the show and the fantastic overall response, hear it all in the CannaCon OKC 2019 Recap! Plus, Nick has a few words for American Airlines. They aren’t all…

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Ep. 11 – High End Testing with Todd Denkin of Digipath, Inc.

Nevada-based Digipath is leading the way on cannabis testing, going above and beyond what’s required by law in their state, all in an effort to help set the bar on what we should expect from a testing regime. We’re joined by founder Todd Denkin to talk THC, Terpenes, CBD and the many other measures they can make. Fascinating perspective from…

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CannaCon Seattle Live – Mr. Soul Of Brother Grimm Seeds

A legend in the seed game. Mr. Soul is the epitome of an old school iconoclast, taking conventional wisdom about seeds and masculine vs. feminine, and turning it on its head with careful, methodical work.

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CannaCon Seattle Live – Rob Wolf Of New England AgTech

Rob Wolf of New England AgTech joins us to talk about the infrastructure business for cannabis. NEAT helps with land, buildouts and tech for growers.

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CannaCon Seattle Live – Bryan McDonald CPA MD

The money business can’t tolerate no funny business when it comes to the cannabis business. Mr. McDonald and his firm are the experts in tax, investment, acquisition in the cannabis industry, and they have a very optimistic view of the future of cannabis tax business.

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CannaCon Seattle Live – Jason Richards From Lead Funding On Asset – Based Lending

The toughest part of the cannabis business is the finding legit money to make your dream work. Jason Richards of Lead Funding is making the business of cannabis a little less stressful with their asset based lending for cannabis, which can be calculated based on the valuation of the expected results, not the state of the property as is.

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CannaCon Seattle Live – Sid Quattorio Purple Rose Supply

We’ve got Sid Quattorio of Purple Rose Supply talking about bringing his parents to the high side, the cannagar phenomenon and his love for cannabis.

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CannaCon Seattle Live – Wayne Green Trinity Terpenes

Entrepreneur Wayne Green sits down with us to talk the role of mainstream cannabis science and tech in the growth and evolution of the cannabis industry.

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