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Shawn DeNae Wagenseller, CEO, Washington Bud Company

Shawn DeNae has a determination to defend craft cannabis business models.  Boutique batch products produced by dedicated hands-on ownership is a segment of this new market that often gets pushed aside by the mergers and acquisition crowd.  Shawn believes opportunities exist to give this hard working section of cannabis entrepreneurs a large voice to balance the bellow of the big as our fast paced industry is lobbied to manipulate laws in favor of the elite.

Shawn’s background includes advocacy for the Coalition for Standards and Ethics, Chair for the Health Before Happy Hour Campaign, Board Member of the Cannabis Farmer’s Council, ¬†Founding Member of The Cannabis Alliance, Chair of the Cannabis Commission Formation Committee and Board Member of the Craft Cannabis Coalition.

Shawn also chronicles her family’s cannabis business journey in the monthly “Living the Dream” column in Marijuana Venture Magazine. Shawn DeNae is the CEO of Washington Bud Company, a producer and processor north of Arlington, WA.

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