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Sean Mafi, Co-Founder & CEO, Peridot Technologies

Sean Mafi is the Chief Executive Officer of Peridot Technologies, an online Cannabis marketplace platform that connects vendors to dispensaries, and dispensaries to its consumers.
Mafi, a Persian/Swede who immigrated to Seattle WA a decade ago, had previously spent 16 successful years producing award winning events as well as curating hospitality programs for establishments in both Europe and the U.S. In 2016 he recognized the many challenges the Cannabis Industry was facing when it came to marketing due to Federal regulations. Being the branding visionary that he is, Mafi decided to shift gears and build a marketing agency called Top Shelf, serving dispensaries and vendors in the PNW. In 3 short years he has now successfully made a name for himself in the WA cannabis industry and it was while navigating the often labile nature of the business, that he decided to start his second company, Peridot, to continue his mission of helping local cannabis companies.
The opportunity for growth and education in this emerging industry is what drives Sean Mafi; helping to carve out exciting new avenues for business owners and facilitate better delivery to consumers.