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Michael Key; CEO, Impello Biosciences

Michael Key is the founder and CEO of Impello Biosciences, a Colorado-based biotechnology company that specializes in the research and development of plant biostimulants. Their speciality line of biostimulant products currently includes growth-promoting bacteria, amino-acid rich organic fertilizers, and unique biochemical elicitors. ┬áMichael’s role in the company includes overseeing business development, creating strategic partnerships, and directing new product innovation, research, and development. Prior to co-founding Impello, Michael worked as the Director of Horticultural Research and Development for Functional Remedies, a vertically-integrated Colorado hemp company, where he developed and implemented agricultural protocols on 50+ acre farms in both Colorado and Kentucky. Additionally, Michael worked as a Research Assistant in the Center for Rhizosphere Biology at Colorado State University, where he also received his degree in Horticulture. There, Michael co-authored research focused on nematology and bacteriology with particular emphasis on plant-parasitic nematodes and their microbial symbionts. He was involved in the development of a novel screening and isolation method designed to identify potential biocontrol agents from native soils. Other research topics of interest to Michael include plant-stress physiology and plant immunity.

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