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adam souza

Adam Souza, Farmer, Herban Acres

Adam Souza grew up around agriculture, fascinated by his father’s lifelong passion for plants. Plugging trays by the age of 7, he was taught the importance of farmers. At a young age, Adam showed interest in building businesses, from lemonade stands, to hustling Pokémon cards. He also showed a liking toward a certain plant early on, cannabis. It helped with his social anxiety which pushed him part his comfort zone and into sales. After years in sales and business building for others, never feeling fulfilled, Adam decided to combine his passions for business, cannabis and helping farmers into something he could be happy doing. Hemp.
With his partner Andrew Wilkinson, they have created Herban Acres. They are building a hub for hemp in Taunton, MA. Andrew and Adam believe they can help struggling farmers by showing them how to grow hemp. Hemp is what build this great nation, and it is what will make it even greater.

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